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Themonies Dradition and Luxury Suites In Folegandros Greece

Themonies Dradition and Luxury Suites In 2 Folegandros Greece

An agricultural stone complex of the late 19th century, renovated to host today’s demanding explorer and harmoniously surrounded by new, equally appealing, stone structures, captures the architectural spirit, the primordial vibes and the enchanting sociability of the island and presents a captivating, hospitable escape, offering discrete, private moments.

Nestled at the fringe of Hora, within walking distance from its central square, THEMONIES Luxury Suites, harmonious blend of the traditional and the new, serenely overlooks the city, the Monastery and, further in the horizon, the Aegean.

A complete agricultural stone complex of the late 19th century, with its intact “aloni”, was renovated with great respect and amplified with three new stone buildings, to form a contemporary high quality hotel for the discerning traveler.

Five independent, fully equipped residences, each totally unique in its layout, design and character, as well as a central building, compose a sophisticated setting of carefully crafted luxury and modern comfort. The visitor relaxes, in an atmosphere of “Cycladic Zen”.

In Folegandros, «Themonies» – a word emanating from the ancient Greek verb “to collect” – are called the idiosyncratic agricultural complexes, forming independent rural entities in the past.

The suites and villa deliver unpretentious style and homely comfort, in a context that retains the distinctiveness of the authentic. Their names are inspired from the local dialect, further enhancing their character.

Ample in size, all residences feature different orientation, layout and design, thus becoming immediately familiar to the guest. Earthy colors and shades of white, combined with careful touches of linen and cotton fabrics, rare antiques, as well as special objects d’ art, compose a unique living area.

The private verandahs or courtyards, furnished with comfortable designer teak, offer unobstructed views of Hora, the Monastery and the Aegean.

Conforming to the principle of minimal environmental intervention, these rectangular stone structures are completely harmonized with their surroundings.

The Folk Museum in Folegandros is such a renovated Themonia.

Themonies Dradition and Luxury Suites In Folegandros Greece

The Villa “Large Themonia”, of 72m2, is exactly what its name denotes.











“Shepherd’s Themonia”, of 38m2, used to be the house of the shepherd in the original complex.


Paroustia”, of 54m2, means in the local dialect the hearth of the house. The suite features one king bedroom, and an open plan sitting and dining area. The private verandah offers beautiful views of the Aegean and, further in the horizon, Santorini.







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