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The Secrets to a Successful Kitchen Remodeling

There are incredibly breathtaking ways to update a kitchen through a kitchen remodel. The upgrading of kitchen cabinets is amongst the vast remodeling procedures that enable you to save an immense amount of money.

Would you like to know how to effectively remodel your kitchen and give it stunning new look? If your answer is yes, then you a€™re in the right place. The good news is: you don’€™t need to hire a professional interior decorator or spend huge sums of money to successfully remodel and renovate your kitchen. So, to help you get started, here are some very valuable tips.

Three tone kitchen

Three tone kitchen

Pick a New Style for Your Kitchen

Start by identifying a new design for your kitchen. Ask yourself if you want a sparsely decorated interior space or a rich, multi-layered design with several colors and accessories. You should begin by putting down clearly written goals for your remodeling efforts. It will be a lot easier to make choices later once you are sure of what you want. Sometimes, your kitchen may only require a new wall color which you may have seen in a photo online.


Kitchen designed by Linda McDougald Design

Kitchen designed by Linda McDougald Design

Focus on Functionality

Always place functionality ahead of fashion. What is in vogue today may lose its appeal tomorrow. So avoid those trendy shapes and colors that will soon become outdated.


Kitchen with modern Moroccan tile from Kismet Tile

Kitchen with modern Moroccan tile from Kismet Tile

Upgrade Your Floor

Upgrade your kitchen flooring with a more modern and attractive material. If you don’€™t have the money to upgrade your linoleum floors with tiles or hardwood, then you should at least change the paint. Also, bear in mind that you should change your floor before you fix new lower cabinets.


Kitchen hardware by Christopher Peacock

Kitchen hardware by Christopher Peacock

Elegant kitchen hardware

Elegant kitchen hardware

Renew Your Cabinets

It will be great to change all your kitchen cabinets at once, but if that does not fit into your budget, you can create a new look by replacing the knobs and pulls. Replace them with several trendy options like: shiny or matte nickel, pewter, antiqued copper, burnished bronze or even vintage-look glass. You’€™ll be amazed that this simple move can add a new lease of life into your kitchen and even make your cabinets look new.

Silver faucet

Silver faucet

Change the Faucets

One way to give your kitchen sink a new look is to upgrade your faucet. You can replace them with a bronze or stainless steel faucet that has nice sleek curves. There are now several new types of innovations that can be added to the standard sink faucet. For instance, you can add touch-sensitive, knob-free faucets, hidden soap dispensers and even detachable sprayers.

Dream kitchen sink

I love copper, says Lynette. This sink is lovely and forgiving if I drop a plate when washing dishes.

 Choose the Right Sink

How many bowls do you need and What bowl depth and shape do you prefer? You’ll be living with your new sink for a long time, so choose carefully.


Well organized kitchen

Well organized kitchen

Decongest Your Kitchen

Reorganizing the items in your kitchen can instantly improve its appearance. Do away with the clutter and divide up your kitchen space into three. The first area should be for pre-cooking preparation, the second for cooking and the third for cleaning up. Make sure you store only items needed in each section. Put the rest away in your cabinets and shelves.


Kitchen cabinets up against the ceiling

Kitchen cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling

Add New Storage Spaces

Your kitchen will look more appealing with additional storage. So install new cabinets very close to the ceiling. But make sure you take measurements and trim the cabinet doors so that they don’€™t hit the ceiling when they are opened.


Chandelier in the kitchen

Chandelier in the kitchen

Re-organize the Lighting

New lights will add new life to your kitchen. So replace the old flat panel ceiling fixtures with a beautifully crafted chandelier. You can get modern chandeliers with colored or clear crystals. You can also place new lights under the cabinets to light up your sink and your new countertops.


Blue white kitchen backsplah

Beautiful blue white kitchen backsplah

Choose an Appropriate Backsplash

The backsplash behind your sink is another place where you can easily add a low-cost improvement with a notable impact. But make sure you use material that will be functional and enhance your work in the kitchen. Glass and stainless steel are both very easy to clean. But they will get dirty very easily and it will require very frequent cleaning. The biggest mitsake I did in my kitchen is that I chose glass backsplash. I have to clean it every time I open the tab.


soapstone counter top with light cabinet

Dark soapstone counter top with light cabinet

Install New Countertop

Transform your kitchen further by changing the countertop. The least cost option is laminate but you may want to consider marble or granite if you can afford them. There are also several other trendy options such as concrete, stainless steel, copper and pewter.


Hide kitchen appliance

Hide kitchen appliance

Hide Your Appliances

This may sound a bit crazy, but you can place electrical sockets within cabinets or right inside one of the drawers. If you are interested in being a little more creative, ask your electrician to put some sockets behind your shelves. In addition, you can fit all your appliances with precision by making the rack and worktop the same height. You won’€™t need to move around much when you need to use your appliances. I have small prep area in my open plan kitchen and this works perfect for me. I put a roll top cabinet, it allows more workable space and looks very cool.

Kitchen with attention to details

Attend to Little Details

When you are implementing your new kitchen arrangement and renovation, you should pay careful attention to the positioning of each item. For example, make sure that upper cabinets are positioned where you can easily reach them without having to climb on a chair. Even though one of the commonly used height measurements for upper cabinets is 4 1/2 feet, you can place them at any height that is convenient for you. Another factor to consider is the position of big appliances like your oven, fridge and microwave oven. Don’€™t place your fridge right next to your oven. The heat from the oven could adverse affect the operation of your fridge.


Vintage furniture as kitchen island

Vintage pice of furniture as kitchen island

Look for Vintage Furniture

Look out for new items to place put into your kitchen. You can do this easily, even on a budget. Be creative. For instance you can turn a vintage piece of furniture into a new kitchen island. Vintage furniture items make your kitchen look unique. To get nice vintage furniture, you can visit flea markets or attend antique fairs.

Before you attend an antique fair, you need to make some preparation. This is because at these fairs you see so many different types of furniture that could overwhelm you. So create a list of all the furniture items you want and write down their ideal measurements. Even if you don’t get furniture with the exact measurements, you can easily get them modified to fit your desired size. Take a reasonable amount of cash along but be focused and stick to your budget. You should also put on comfortable footwear and be adequately prepared for the weather.

Successful Kitchen Remodel

Successful Kitchen Remodel

Think Your Needs

A well organized Kitchen Command Center can help your family keep up with day-to-day activities and schedules.

Melina Divani

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    Thanks for posting these. I have added few things to my to-do list to get done before we start in on our remodel.

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    My sister wants to remodel her dusty and outdated kitchen into something vibrant and modern multi-layered design interior. Thanks for the heads up on the functionality, as you’ve said, I must place functionality ahead of fashion. Therefore, I will avoid those trendy styles that will soon become out of style and put emphasis instead on how will I make it as creative as possible.

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    Taylor Wright

    I appreciate that you explained making room for your new kitchen remodel and diving up the kitchen. My wife wants to remodel our kitchen in the summer and is stressed about creating the new layout for the kitchen. We’ll have to remember these tips as we move forward on our remodeling plans.

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    Jesse Ford

    Thanks for mentioning that the first step in a kitchen remodel is deciding whether you want a rich multilayered design or a sparsely decorated interior. My wife and I are thinking of looking for a custom kitchen design specialist because we’re considering renovating our cooking area to look more modern and contemporary. It seems like a good idea to consider choosing what we want our appliances, cabinetry, and interior paint to look like before we start the work.

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    Levi Armstrong

    My wife, Lorena, has been insisting that we have our kitchen renovated in our new house. I love your tip about dividing the kitchen area into three. Lorena would love to have a separate space for pre-cooking, cooking, and cleaning. I’ll keep that in mind and look for a kitchen remodeling service in our area.

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    It will help me. Thanks for the useful information on kitchen remodelling.

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    It’s interesting to learn that you should pay attention to the positioning of different items. We are planning on renovating our kitchen this summer and I am wondering what kind of countertops to get. I’ll be sure to do more research before talking to the contractor.

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