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The concept of a game room may sound somewhat old-fashioned, but it really shouldn’t. When you think about it, various shifts in technology have led us to a point at which we entertain ourselves at home more than ever before – at least in theory. So, particularly if you think of a game room more as a total entertainment room – a place to gather with family or friends, watch movies or TV, play games, or simply hang out – it can really become one of the best features of a modern home. We’d suggest the following as some of the defining features of such a room in 2019.

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Modern Surround Sound Speakers

Surround sound has always been a given for any gaming or entertainment room, but the very concept has changed a little bit over the course of the current decade. While some of the best surround sound systems still involve entire sets of speakers that you can set up around a room, you can now do so wirelessly, with all of the speakers connected via Bluetooth. Additionally, some of the best audio companies out there are now providing single speakers that effectively simulate a surround sound effect, and actually do so effectively. This is all to say you can now change the whole audio ambiance of a game room with relative ease, and for a fairly modest sum (though of course the higher the quality the greater the cost).

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Smart Control

We won’t cover any exact specifics because different sets of electronics and systems are compatible with different “smart” networks and hubs. However, thanks to smart TVs, devices like the Apple HomePod and Google Home, and undoubtedly more “smart” Internet of Things products to come in the near future, we can now effectively control entire rooms with our voices. This is ideal for a game room. You can adjust lighting as needed for any given activity, close the blinds if there are any, adjust temperature to suit different groups of people, and turn televisions and gaming consoles on and off – all with nothing more than a vocal command spoken aloud. It adds a sophisticated and immensely convenient edge to your room.


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A Mounted Flat Screen

There are just two quick points to make here. The first is that a mounted television is simply the more modern option at this point. While a TV on a stand can still look nice, it always looks slightly less intentional (and slightly less chic) next to a professionally mounted TV. Go with the latter if you can. The second point is that a high-quality flat screen is one of the most affordable technological luxuries you can buy today. While there are options available for thousands of dollars, you can get a modern TV in a nice size with a gorgeous display for well under a thousand dollars if you take the time to shop around.


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A Vintage Gaming Table

For the most part a modern gaming room is a digital endeavor. But lots of gamers appreciate different types of games as well, and all things vintage are usually welcome. So, without going for something too colorful or gaudy, you may want to look around for a vintage, classic poker or card gaming table that you can bring out for a different kind of evening. Table games have evolved quite a bit, first migrating to the internet and then shifting to mobile. but there’s still something special about feeling the felt tabletop, handling chips, and dealing cards. Even if you simply have a small gaming table in a corner of the room, it’s a nice touch.

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VR Adaptability

Any modern game room also needs to involve virtual reality, because like it or not it’s proving to be the next big thing in gaming. And what you may not realize is that you need to make sure you have enough space, in addition to buying a headset compatible with a given PC or gaming system. While you can’t actually move in physical space as much as you’ll be “moving” in a VR game, you do need some space just in case you get carried away, and you don’t want to be banging your knees and elbows into walls or table corners – or, even worse, crashing into a TV or light fixture! So, in addition to purchasing VR equipment, make sure the room can adapt to this bizarre but exciting new form of gaming. It may just be the final touch to take your gaming room to a new level.

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