The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees

Living dwarf trees or commonly known as Bonsai are ordinary trees that are pruned on their roots, and branches and trained in naturalistic shapes to make them look like it is. This method was started in China a long time ago but the Bonsai trees are very famous in Japan. Most of the famous bonsai trees are found in Japan. Even though bonsai originated from China, the word itself is Japanese. Today we will list some of the most beautiful bonsai trees.

The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees

1) 800 Year Old Bonsai Tree


This is perhaps the most famous and one of the oldest bonsai trees in the world. This tree is located in the Shunkaen Bonsai Museum in Tokyo Japan. Even at the age of 800 years, this tree is still growing. It is owned by Kunio Kobayashi, also known as the Bonsai master. It has a twisted white bark, alternately arranged plumes, and is kept in a simple green pot.

2) Yamaki Pine


This is another old and famous yet beautiful bonsai tree. This tree is about 400 years old. Although its origin is in Japan, it was relocated to the USA in 1976. One famous history about this bonsai tree is, that it survived the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War 2. Repotting was last done in 2015.

Image: dghaskell

3) Blue Japanese Wistaria Bonsai


One of the most exotic and beautiful bonsai trees in the world. The flower comes in blue, white, purple, and pink colors and has a nice and aromatic smell. This tree can grow up to 30 feet tall and need good drainage, fertilizer, and a lot of water. It is very difficult to make a bonsai tree out of wisteria although it is perfect with woody branches and long leaves. This is because the plant itself takes about 10 years to flower and without the flowers, it is just a normal bonsai tree.

4) Goshin by John Y. Naka


The tree was first refined in 1948. In 1984 it was donated to the United States Arboretum. Since then it has become one of the most interesting and famous bonsai worldwide. The process was a long one. Mr. Naka used individual trees that represent his grandchildren. A total of 11 trees can be seen together in one place but grow individually to make a beautiful scene.

5) Rocky Mountain Juniper by Walter Pall


Regarded as one of the most beautiful bonsai in the world. Walter Pall even won the Crespi Cup Award in Italy for this fantastic design. The trunk of the tree looks dry and goes to one side and is filled with leaves on top. This is perhaps the extensive work of wiring that is done over the years by Walter to make this interesting bonsai tree.

6) Baobab


This bonsai tree is very weird but beautiful because in winter the branch looks similar to the roots. This is a native tree of Africa. This tree grows rapidly in sunlight but is very sensitive to cold. This tree is very small and only needs to be watered once a month but it is better to always check the soil so that it is not hardened.

7) Azalea Bonsai


The Azalea is a popular choice among Bonsai. This particular plant is very hardy and produces magnificent flowers. Cultivated carefully, azalea bonsai can be grown either indoors or outside, but are more likely to bloom best out of doors. 

8) Cherry Blossom Sakura Bonsai


In Japan’s Nara period (710–794) a tradition began of watching and appreciating the cherry blossom, called Sakura. The sakura bonsai is a type of traditional Japanese bonsai tree. Cherry blossom bonsai has many names, including Japanese Cherry, Hill Cherry, East Asian Cherry, and Oriental Cherry.

A cherry blossom bonsai is one of the easiest trees to care for, you will need to properly prune its leaves, wire it throughout the growing season, attend to its root growth, and give it water only every second week.


The bonsai tree is hard and detailed work for many years. It is not easy but it is worth it to get a bonsai tree and grow it. These trees will make your surrounding very beautiful and you could be the proud owner.

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