The Minimum Room Size for a King-Size Bed

If you are trying to fit a king-size bed into a small room, then you will usually need a room to be at least 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches. This is the minimum room size the mattress industry recomend for the Standard King bed. A King size bed is normally 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The California King bed is 72 x 84 inches, which is narrower, but longer, designed for a taller people. A bedroom that is 12 by 12 feet can usually hold the Standard King along with two night stands and one dresser. Yet, this is not a completely agreed upon minimal room size for a king-sized bed.

Image: Boho King Bed without headboard

How Big Should My Room Be For A King Size Bed?

king size Modern Canopy Bed with Built-in Headboard

Image: Gold King Size Modern Canopy Bed with Built-in Headboard

  • Size of the room

Some designers set the minimum size of a room at 13 by 13 feet to allow more space to walk around the bed, or add other furniture. Home designers seem to agree with leaving 30 inches of space around the bed. Except at the headboard, for moving around the bed. The smallest room size in which a king bed can fit is 10 by 12 feet. Unfortunately this amount of space does not leave room for much else.

Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support, King

Image: Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform King Size Bed with Wood Slat Support

The variation in opinion about minimum room sizes relates to house size variations in the United States. The median size of a house is 2500 square feet. The average bedroom size is about 132 square feet, which would not quite fit the above minimal room sizes for a king bed. The slightly larger, and also common, bedroom dimension of 168 square feet provides a 12 feet by 14 feet area. That would fit a king-sized bed. This would be the size needed if you wanted to fit a chair or a dresser. The average size of a master bedroom is 14 by 16 feet, or 224 square feet, which usually provides ample room for fitting a king-sized bed.

  • Layout of the room

Another factor to consider for the providing enough room space for a king-size bed is the type of frame. Some king bed frames can be three to five inches wider to provide more support for the bed. This obviously takes up more room. Also, if you end up buying a California King bed, then the 13 by 13 feet measurement would be the best minimal room size. In the end, it will take some measuring of the room space and calculating of what furniture you wish to include to determine the minimum room size for your king bed.

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