The Best Virtual Room Design Apps and Home Planner Tools

Virtual room design apps and home planner tools help plan house renovation projects before the first brick is laid. If you are wondering how to virtually design your own room, this article will provide you with the best options of virtual room designer apps or online 3D home planner tools to use.


Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a free online 3D room planner and design application that allows you to create and share interior designs, both in 2D and 3D.


  • The option of importing custom objects and materials for walls, floors, and furniture can be changed.
  • The tool enhances the import of floor plan drawings from Google SketchUp, OpenOffice Draw, or Adobe PDF. It supports both metric and imperial units of measurement.
  • Planner 5D allows you to create very detailed 3D models by using objects with different levels of detail, which are created in 3DS Max or Sketchup.
  • Option of creating different plan variants to compare the layout changes.
  • Including your interior design projects, furniture, or home appliances into the Planner 5D library is possible. You can also share your design with the public via social networks, e-mail, or embed code on a web page.


  • The application’s interface is not very simple, and it may take some time to get used to its features and functionalities.
  • The larger file requires more time for loading, and applying materials could be slow as well.

Ikea Home Planner Tools

Ikea Home Planner provides you an opportunity to explore your ideas for home improvement and get inspired. The app is available in 27 languages and offers more than 10,000 products from the IKEA product range.


  • Option of creating a 3D model of rooms with different variations of furniture arrangement, design options, and colors. You can also visualize your project before purchasing new furniture or making any changes to the interior.
  • Many real photos show how the room looks after applying different finishes and colors based on wood, tiles, etc.
  • You may choose desired images for wallpaper and flooring from the built-in library or add your images that could be viewed in 3D mode.
  • Ikea Home Planner allows sharing your project via social networks, e-mail, or embed code on a web page.


  • It is not possible to import objects from Google 3D Warehouse, which means you can only use Ikea products in the application. The tool does not support adjustable heights of furniture items and lets you edit their descriptions or change product ID numbers. You may also have problems with importing floor plans from other applications.
  • It is not very easy to get used to the app’s features and functionalities due to its interface that requires some time to explore all functions.


Are you searching for the best free virtual room designer? Well, Homestyler online 3D room designer helps you visualize any home improvement plan based on your photographs. The tool is available in English and Spanish language, offers more than 500 custom 3D objects, and lets you choose from a variety of 25 different materials for walls, floors, and furniture.


  • You may drag any image from your computer or upload it via the drag-and-drop option to the program window, where you can resize it as well as move around corners, doors, and windows.
  • Homestyler allows you to turn a home photo into a 2D sketch so that you can create a 3D design right over it. Creating a plan of future room layout based on existing sketches and digital photos allows comparing various options at once.
  • There are also some unique features, such as adding a mirror to the corner of a room or an elevator shaft.
  • Import of floor plans from SketchUp, PDF, Visio, and AutoCAD formats with dimension lines is also supported.
  • You can use a customized snap grid for adjusting furniture items to the wall.
  • It is also possible to change the texture by applying different materials such as wood, tile, etc., with just a few clicks on any object’s surface.
  • You may choose whether you want to see walls in 3D or keep them hidden and switch between flat and perspective view modes as well.
  • The application supports both metric and imperial units of measurement so that your project can be viewed with feet and inches.
  • There are many resources available online such as tutorials and articles about home improvement and interior design ideas.


  • The tool can be quite difficult to use by beginners since it requires a lot of experience in 3D modeling and design to get the desired result.
  • Homewyse online 3D room designer does not allow you to change items’ height, width, or depth. There is no possibility of changing the position of an item either.
  • Some bugs could also appear when adding objects from Google 3D Warehouse, leading to errors during saving projects. In such cases, the application must be restarted to fix them.


Roomstyler allows creating stunning floor plans with interior designs in more than 100 styles and colors grouped into four categories: Modern, Retro, Industrial, and Scandinavian.


  • You can decorate your rooms with textures available in different types of wood, ceramic tiles, stone, etc., as well as view the home designs in 2D or 3D modes.
  • The option of creating a plan of future room layout based on existing sketches and digital photos allows you to compare various options at once.
  • You may also import floor plans from SketchUp files.
  • There are many resources available online such as tutorials and articles about home improvement and interior design ideas.


  • The tool requires purchasing a subscription and, therefore, may not be affordable for everyone.
  • The app provides only one free room design and some home improvement tips to get started with. You will have to subscribe to get access to create more than 100 styles of rooms, textures, and furniture items.


SmartDraw contains a library of 2D objects such as furniture items, home appliances, kitchen supplies, etc., which can be used when creating various types of rooms, including office, living room, or bedroom. The application allows you to add elements from different categories and then move them around until you create an ideal layout that looks impressive yet comfortable for daily use.


  • There are various categories, including Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc., with thousands of 3D objects available which can be replicated to create a virtual room. Users may select colors for walls and floors and upload images/photos they have on their devices for textures.
  • There is an option of changing wall height or adding new walls to modify any virtual room design layout.
  • The app provides plenty of inspiration for making different rooms by providing pictures of finished projects created with SmartDraw. There is the possibility of viewing virtual room designs in 3D or 2D mode while objects can be moved around until you create an ideal layout that looks impressive yet comfortable for daily use.
  • There are no subscription fees required, but some features require signing up (such as saving your projects) to access them in the future.


  • Most templates available don’t look very inspiring and could be confusing for beginners who don’t know interior design basics. It takes some time getting used to using the app and understanding how objects should be placed on a given floor plan before you create a unique design.
  • When adding various objects to a room, there is no way of saving the object in case you want to use it for another project in the future.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweer Home 3D application comes with a library of several thousands of furniture items that can be dragged and dropped onto a virtual room provided by the app. It’s possible to add textures such as flooring or wall coverings which are available within the app.


  • Sweet Home 3D can create a 2D or 3D model of any room, viewed from all sides. This makes it perfect for people who are interested in interior design as well as architecture.
  • The application provides various tutorials and video guides to help users understand different features within the app better.
  • The app comes with plug-in support, allowing users to import several objects into their projects.


  • The application provides a free version that doesn’t include all available features. To get access to more objects and textures, the app requires signing up for a premium account.

If you are looking for the best 3d room design apps and this article covers the list of the best apps.

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