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church turned into modern fresh home

When you think of a church, the images that immediately pop into mind probably include a dimly lit interior, dull brown walls, and rows upon rows of shiny wooden pews. One Dutch family, however, does not subscribe to these views. This family redecorated an old church building into this beautifully serene and stylish house, making it the perfect place to live and raise a family.

The color scheme of the house is clearly white: the walls, the rug, the curtains, and much of the furniture is white, giving the room a very calming pristine yet chic look. The color brightens up the house and is complimented by the interspersed windows and glass doors, which allow light to enter and illuminate the entire space, giving it an open and outdoorsy feel. One cannot help but feel at peace when stepping into this cloud-like abode.

The furniture has be uniquely selected in pastel shades of blush pink and soft brown to compliment the airy, dreamlike feel of the interior. The use of rustic wooden floors that aren’t shiny contributes to the appearance of the house being part of the outdoors, making it reminiscent of a small cabin in the open fields. Unpainted wooden furniture, as seen in the stool and coffee table, add to the pastoral, simple, and pure ambiance of the house. Ornamentation of woodland creatures, such as the small statue of a fawn or the birdhouse wallpaper in the bedroom, contribute to the atmosphere, subconsciously making the resident believe they are outside.

Given the fact that this house was originally a church, the ceiling is oddly shaped in some locations with varying curves and slants, making the placement of lights within the ceiling difficult. The designers of the house have taken advantage of this as an opportunity to beautifully hang bulbs and lights from the roof in a decorative manner. In this sense, they have been able to artistically illuminate the house without the typical constraints of embedded ceiling lighting.
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In converting an old church building into a house, this family had complete control over every aspect and detail of the interior design, a power which they definitely took advantage of. From the physical aspects of the house, the designs of the walls and floors, to the furniture and ornamentation that fills it, every single color, material, and texture matches in perfect harmony to create the tranquil yet beautiful rustic-chic style of the house. A great deal of thought and effort must have gone into this design in order to find every chair, every painting, every vase, every decorative throw that match so perfectly, but the hard work was without a doubt worth it, as it has lead to a simply amazing interior design.

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