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A Stunning Canadian Home

Stunning Canadian Home

It might be challenging to customize a house to be both roomy and comfortable, especially if it is located in the heart of the city. However, one couple (Lynne and Hamid) defied all the odds and transformed their city-based house into a classy home. The home blends different tastes and themes to present an appealing space for the two. Generally, the house designed by Lark & Linen, maintains a snow-white theme, characterized by the white-painted walls. The kitchen also features a white theme, with a white-painted island that has a black ceramic top. 

Balanced brightness

Lynne and Hamid have perfectly balanced the whiteness of the house with the red brick walls and other exposed wood structures. The combination of the dull and bright tones gives it an appealing look altogether.

Embracing the outdoor feel

This house has various elements that bring in the outside world. For instance, there are windows and doors with glasses that allow natural light to flow in the house. Also, the owners have thrown in a couple of green plants that beautifies the entire space.

Luxury, Check!

When it comes to luxury and comfort, Lynne shows the world just how cozy her house could be. From the living room to the family room, to the bedrooms, comfort and luxury are elegantly represented. There are also some soft and executive gray sofas with rags next to them. You can be sure of enjoying a warm rest when sitting on these sofas. The bedroom comes with a thick mattress, along with two cozy sofas, and a leather-cushioned foot rest. Stunning Canadian Home 2 Stunning Canadian Home 3 Stunning Canadian Home 5

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Rustic meets contemporary

Other than the balanced brightness, the owners of this house have also blended the themes elegantly. When you first enter this house, you wouldn’t expect it to be as it is. The entryway features more of a rustic theme. It welcomes you with the red brick walls, wrought iron details, along with a custom storage system.

As you enter the living room and the family room, you are welcomed with snow-white walls and wood flooring. There is also a digital fireplace, along with other furniture that gives the home a contemporary feel.

Stunning Canadian Home 7

The bathroom is also well decorated with white drawers, custom mirrors and a shower, bathtub, as well as shower faucets. Natural light flows into the bathroom to brighten the white color inside. Everything in the bathroom is simply luxurious.

Lynne and Hamid have transformed this Canadian-based home into a spectacular space that anyone would enjoy visiting. The utilization of the natural light is one factor that makes the home both welcoming and environmental friendly.

Images: Photographer: Stacey Brandford  / Featured in: Style at Home

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