Spring Decor Ideas: 26 Beautiful Ways You Can Decorate Your Home For Spring

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As the months start to get brighter and the days longer, you may be looking for creative ways to reflect this change in season around your home. Whether it’s through bold decor pieces that freshen up a forgotten corner or something simple like adding some cheerful accents throughout your living space, there are so many delightful options when it comes to transforming your abode into a beautiful and cozy oasis just in time for spring. In this blog post we’ll explore 26 beautiful ideas you can use to give your home an instant uplift and make it look more inviting this season. Get inspired as we take a look at stylish decor solutions ranging from easy-to-craft DIYs right through to bigger furnishings that will add flair and personality to any interior. So grab yourself a cup of tea, put on some seasonal tunes, and let’s get started!

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1. Set the Mood with Floral Prints

Image: Anthropologie / Something Special Wall Art, Juneau Velvet Buffet, Boro Stripe Accent Chair, Sonali Round Coffee Table

Bring a touch of spring into your home by adding some floral prints and patterns to throw pillows, curtains, wallpaper or artwork.

2. Get Creative with Wreaths

Add a cheerful spring wreath to your door or mantel for seasonal color and texture. Choose from a variety of materials such as faux flowers, burlap or natural elements like twigs and moss.

3. Bring in Fresh Flowers

Image: Jonathan Adler / Harlequin capsule-shaped cocktail table, Jacques Two-Tier Side Table 

Add some life to your home by bringing in fresh seasonal blooms. Place them on the mantel, coffee table, kitchen counter or nightstand for an instant dose of spring beauty.

4. Create a Spring Gallery Wall

spring modern poster gallery wall
Image: Poster Store

Add a touch of whimsy and color to your walls with a gallery wall featuring potted plants, cheerful prints or family photos.

5. Add Green Touches

 succulents in pink pots decor

Place sweet little succulents around your home for an easy pop of greenery and life. Succulents are also very low maintenance and can be planted outdoors in the garden during the warmer months.

6. Give Your Pillows a Spring Refresh

Image: HORCOW / Surrey Acrylic Cocktail Table, Elder Gold Leaf Lounge Chair

Update your throw pillows with new fabric featuring floral designs, bright colors or fun patterns for an instant pick-me-up in any room.

7. Put Together a Pretty Tablescape

Image: As Told by Michelle

Create a beautiful and inviting tablescape for your dining room or kitchen table by gathering a mix of vases, candles and seasonal touches.

8. Dress Up Your Fireplace

Image: SongBird

Give your fireplace a spring makeover with seasonal decorations like floral arrangements, garlands and candles for a cozy look.

9. Get Creative with Lighting

Image: Kristi Nelson

Choose fun, colorful lighting pieces to bring a touch of spring into any room in your home. String lights, paper lanterns and unique light fixtures are great for adding a touch of whimsy.

10. Add Greenery to Your Tables

Image: Architect: @demerlyarchitects / Photography : @ashandcocreative

Put together a mix of potted plants and cacti on your coffee table or kitchen counter for some natural color and texture.

11. Hang Artwork with Spring Colors

Image: Jonathan Adler / Ether Chair, Coffee Table, Muse Eyes Throw, Globo Table Lamp

Have fun with framing artwork that features bright, cheerful colors to bring a touch of spring into any room.

12. Transform Your Patio

Make your outdoor space more inviting by adding bright colored decorations, furniture and accessories like pillows, throws and rugs.

13. Decorate with Birdhouses

Image: Brushwood Birdhouse

Hang up some birdhouses in your garden or tree for a sweet seasonal decoration.

14. Update Your Window Treatments

Image: Serena & Lily

Change out your window treatments for light-colored curtains or sheer fabrics for an airy look that lets in lots of natural light.

15. Swap Out Your Doormat

Give your entryway a refresh by swapping out the doormat for something with a cheerful spring message or pattern.

17. Add Fresh Scents

Bring in some fresh scents to your home like candles, potpourri or even an essential oil diffuser for a subtle, but inviting aroma.

18. Paint Your Front Door

hallway with pink front door pink chandelier and reto black and white flooring
Image: Three boys and a pink bath / Fela Tasseled Chandelier, Villette Console Table

Give your home a fresh look by painting your front door a bright, welcoming color like pink or yellow.

19. Add Some Soft Textiles

modern country farmhouse livning room spring decorations with mirror
Image: BHG / Photography: JASON DONNELLY / IKEA sofa, Chicken Coop Coffee Table

Place cozy blankets and rugs around the house for extra comfort and a touch of warmth.

20. Choose Colorful Accessories

Image: Jonathan Adler

Add some color to your space with colorful accessories like throw pillows and vases for an instant spring update.

21. Create a Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring kitchen decor
Image: the pink dream

Put together a floral arrangement of your favorite blooms in a beautiful vase or bowl for the perfect touch of spring.

22. Create an Herb Garden

Plant some fresh herbs outside on your patio or porch, or start an indoor herb garden in your kitchen to bring a touch of nature indoors.


The Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself and grows fresh, flavourful herbs, fruits and vegetables for you. Find it here.

23. Hang Fairy Lights

spring home decor with string lights
Image: @herzenstimme

String together some twinkling fairy lights around your deck or patio for a magical evening atmosphere.

24. Add Bright Colors to Your Home

Image: Melanie Turner

Bring in some sunshine with bright colors like yellow, orange or green for a vibrant spring look.

25. Hang a Mirror

Image: HORCOW / Bosky Mirror, Elder Gold Leaf Lounge Chair, Adeline Chandelier, Fiddle Leaf Tree

Place some mirrors around your home to bring in more natural light and make your space look bigger.

26. Plant Some Flowers


Plant some bright flowers like tulips or daisies in the garden for a pop of color and an inviting scent.


Hang up some family photos around the house to remind you of all the fun times you have had together.

By bringing in these cheerful additions, you can turn your space into a spring haven filled with colors, fragrances, and beauty. Enjoy this season of renewal by taking the time to bring some joy and happiness into your home. With a few simple touches, you can make every day feel like a celebration. Happy spring!

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