Spacious Brightly Home

Spacious Brightly Home


The decor here is minimalist. Spacious, brightly colored rooms funnel out into even brighter hallways. Apart from the well spaced artwork, wide portions of the walls all around the house have been left bear so that the white color makes the room look more spacious and better illuminated.

Lounge Room
This room features an impressive gallery wall with a small collection of prints and frames soft shades punctuated on one end by a striking split leaf houseplant and a second potted plant.
This lounge was made by knocking down a wall to join the living room with what was once the third bedroom.

The room’s wide well placed windows ensure that that it receives ample natural light throughout the day. The plush Berber rug beautifully complements the pompom cushion and the wool throws to sum up the cozy feel of the entire room.

The archways around the house have been painted various light shades to bring out their beauty; a pink-ish shade in the lobby here, and a bluish grey shade in the lounge or living room.

The high ceilings on this beautiful old Federation Home; with all the original features, combine well with the doors placed on opposite ends of the house to allow for a breeze to flow through. Although recently sanded and lime washed to freshen their look, the light colored floor has been purposely left with the original old imperfections here and there to maintain that authentic antiquated charm.

The front of the lounge has been ornately covered by a second boldly colored berber rug. It beautifully adds color around the white wall panels and the white wooden floor. A few well placed macramé pieces give the front of the lounge that outdoorsy feel.

Spacious Brightly Home Spacious Brightly Home 2 Spacious Brightly Home 3 Spacious Brightly Home 4 Spacious Brightly Home 5 Spacious Brightly Home 6 Spacious Brightly Home 7

Boys Room
Just as brightly colored as the rest of the house, this room has the same large windows to allow as much natural light in as possible. There is a little double desk and a book crate next to the window to create a little study area.

Spacious Brightly Home 9 Spacious Brightly Home 10 Spacious Brightly Home 11 Spacious Brightly Home 12

Master Bedroom
The room maintains a similar theme with the boys’ room. It receives plenty of natural light from its large window. The master bedroom mainly features fabrics of different shades of light colors and crumpled linen.

Spacious Brightly Home 13

The Second Lounge
This room has beautiful DIY shelves inspired by other sources. The light white walls combine well with the other darker colors in the room to make it feel both spacious and cozy.

Pom-pomm-ed sofa cushions by “Rachel Castle”, the mustard colored “Pampa weave” and the “Slowdown Studio” throw, compliment the “Olli Ella” circular pillow beautifully.  Spacious Brightly Home 14 Spacious Brightly Home 15 Spacious Brightly Home 16
The backyard has been adorned with potted cacti and other desert plants to give the entire place look like a themed playground out in the desert.

Images: Nicole Valentine Don

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  1. Really like some of the mid-century furniture pieces featured here – especially the sideboard in the first shot, which looks superb in such a light, fresh environment.

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