Smart Tiny House Loft Tips

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When it comes to tiny house living, you may find that less is more. While a tiny house loft may be a challenge at first, most people find that they love living in a compact space and enjoy what they have. These tiny house loft ideas can ensure that your house has what it needs without clutter or crowding.

Tiny contemporary apartment loft by Practica Arquitectura.

self built tiny home loft

Dual Loft 26FT Tiny House in Orlando FL.


Minimalist tiny loft by Tung Nguyen.


Ashlee’s Tiny House.

  • Use Hanging Racks

You’ve probably seen peg boards and hanging pot racks, but you’d be amazed at the number of items that can be hanging rather than taking up counter space. This is especially handy in the kitchen area where space is at a premium. Use simple utensil racks and mug racks with a shelf on top to put drinking glasses and double up on storage.

In general, shelves and hooks are going to be your best friend in a tiny house. Use hooks in the bathroom to hang towels. Built-in shelving will keep items off the floor and give you more room to walk around. It’s also handy to have this for extra storage if needed.

  • Buy Double Duty Furniture

When you have a small space, furniture that has more than one function is a necessity. We’ve all seen futons, but they may be too bulky for a small house. Instead, consider chairs that convert into a twin sleeper and won’t bulk up your space. Side tables also work great as makeshift dining tables. In general, furniture that’s portable, foldable, and overall lightweight is a great option for your tiny house.

  • Pick One Bright Theme Color

Although you may not realize it, the colors you use in the tiny house can end up making or breaking the space. A single bright color that’s featured throughout the house is going to make it look both open and cohesive. Yellow is a favorite color in a small house and with good reason. This bright color will reflect light and make your space look larger than it is.

  • Use Sliding Doors

Swinging doors and bulky ladders may be needed to break up the space and give some privacy but they can also take up room. Barn sliding doors are trendy though and efficient in a small space. For the loft, a sliding loft ladder won’t take up much room but you’ll get where you need to go.


These simple tips will help you get the most from your tiny house so get started with these smart saving tips!

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