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Add Pizazz To Your Plants And Rooms With Sky Planters

sky planter

Sky planters by Boskke. Boskke is evolved gardening design. In just over a decade, more than half of the population will live in densely populated urban environments. Boskke is leading the charge to naturally improve city life with evolved gardening gear that’s easy to use and stylish to look at. Living with plants becomes effortless with their urban gardening range that works indoors and out, in spaces large and small.

Boskke is derived from the old English word ‘bosky’ which means ‘a small forest’ and that’s exactly what you can create with their intelligent eco-sensitive designs.

The Sky Planter turns the plant world upside down! This flowerpot will add pizazz to your plants and rooms. It´s also a space-saver, because your plants will now hang from the ceiling and no longer take up space from shelves, window sills or the floor. Create your very own, individual hanging garden with the revolutionary Sky Planter. It´s a stylish and totally innovative idea for plants – absolutely a highlight for design fans!

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