Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year

The Sherwin Williams 2021 color of the year is now here, and it is a trend towards minimalism with a touch of the warmth of earth and nature. Urbane Bronze perfectly captures the simple yet sophisticated color that a lot of people are beginning to love.

Urbane Bronze

SW 7048, (245-C7), #A19A92

Urbane Bronze has been one of the most sought-out colors for many modern houses in the past few months. The dark gray color with a hint of the warmness of brown is simply a good color for people who want to have a fresh and relaxing color for their homes.

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Aside from the heavy influence of minimalism, this color is also perfect for people who have a taste for the Scandinavian theme. You can pair it up with woods such as ash and add polished silver to create the perfect look. You can also contrast it with pale-toned stones to create a striking and yet clean look for your rooms.


Matching Urbane Bronze

This color goes with almost any other color, but it works best with Modern Gray (SW 7632) and Messenger Bag (SW 7740). These three neutral colors together can create a relaxing atmosphere in any room. With these three colors, you can easily create the perfect color scheme for a modern and minimalistic room.

A touch of green plants as decoration also won’t clash with Urbane Bronze. Because of this, the color is perfect if you are thinking of going back to nature as your theme for your homes. Adding plants can be a great way to highlight Urbane Bronze’s serene and meditative feel that is grounded to nature.

You can also create an illusion of a bigger space by pairing Urbane Bronze with a neutral and lighter color. With this, it will be easier to create light-filled spaces that will give off a relaxing and serene vibe.

The beauty of Urbane Bronze is that you can also partner it with cooler tones such as Sea Salt (SW 6204) and Special Gray (SW 6277) that can add a bit of life to your color scheme without eliminating the serene and earthy feel.


Comparison to Last Year’s Color

This is a huge contrast to last year’s color of the year, Naval (SW 6244) that leans toward art deco influences and has a bolder look that is hard to pair. However, they are both perfect for plant decorations that bring us closer to the vibe of nature.

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