Scandinavian Sophisticated Apartment

Scandinavian Sophisticated Apartment

This lovely home decorated with grey tones and textures lightens up the open space. It’s more than smoke and mirrors. It is a homage to the effects of working with greyish hues and glossy textures and how to combine them with natural light, patterned accents, and consummate wall art.

Rooms have a monochromatic ambiance with slight changes creating a modernistic yet traditional appeal in this dwelling. For example, the open layout of the kitchen is effervescent with stainless steel appliances, soft grey walls, bay windows, and neutral tones. The neutral tones in the living and dining area include upholstered chairs, fabric covered side tables, natural flat woven rugs, and a neutral toned hardwood floor. All combine to create an informal yet sophisticated look.

The stainless steel refrigerator appears more like a functional art piece than the usual fridge-freezer appliance. Eurostyle glossy kitchen cabinets, simple shelving, distinctive lighting, and a granite type countertop, gives the kitchen an aseptic facade, yet welcoming and complacent.

The enclave features fabric covered dining chairs with a sofa arrangement flushed with accent pillows of solid and patterned hues, reminiscent of nobility yet common and relaxed. Though its out in the open, this space seems more like a refuge for quiet times and reflection.

The soft grey wall theme flows into the bedroom area, effortlessly combining an unstructured look with strategically placed furnishings. It’s cozy, purposely untidy, but straightforward, fresh, and gender free.

Children’s rooms are usually bright and illuminated with characters and funny shapes. However, this child’s room is more sophisticated with touches of bubbly hues and illuminating objects. It’s not a toddler’s room nor a teen’s room, perhaps a “tween” is more the inhabitant of this type of bedroom. It’s for a child who is cognizant of their surrounding, a thinker, perhaps a future artist? It’s awesome, beautiful, and flawlessly arranged.

The bathroom is plenteous in stark white, yet it still harbors the soft grey theme. A stunning grey tiled stone floor bounces off the white glossy bathroom fixtures. The effect is subtle and impressive.

Grey scale is pronouncedly more flexible than most other colors. Grey can be utilized with most shades and still create the ambiance you desire. The shade is undefinable, it’s free, a fantastic hue that works in any room with minute complications as it is neutral yet daring.

Pale grey has become a much favored color choice for walls recently, and for a good reason. When merged with lighter or darker hues, bold shiny patterns, large windows streaming natural light, grey becomes the master of its domain. The color’s natural undertones add a teemingness that contrasts beautifully with any décor. It revels in individualism, as this home’s décor revels in exquisiteness.

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