Remodelling: What You Should Know About Double Vanity Bathroom Sinks

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If you’re looking to remodel a bathroom in your home, then you have a big job ahead of you. Whether you will be contracting the remodel out or giving a home reno a go, there are many important things to consider. Selecting materials and fixtures is an obvious part of the process. If you’re considering a double vanity bathroom sink, then this is the article for you.

Here are several questions and considerations when shopping for a double sink bathroom vanity…

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Remodeling Your Bathroom: Does Your Bathroom Need a Double Sink?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. Traditionally, only master bathrooms have a double vanity bathroom sink. But many times a second bathroom or a guest bath will have them, as well. Homes with many family members may be looking for a double vanity for more than just the master bath.

What is a Standard Size Double Vanity?

Most double vanity bathroom sinks are about 60 to 72 inches, but you can find many that are bigger or smaller than this. 60” and 72” are the most commonly sold sizes for a double sink bathroom vanity. If you’re remodeling and looking for one of these sizes, your options will be much more open. And you can probably save more money.

Don’t fret, though, if you’re looking for a different size. There are non-custom double sink bathroom vanities of all shapes and sizes. And with the ability to shop and order online these days, you can likely find plenty of options.

What is the Smallest Size Double Sink Vanity?

Most retailers offer 48 inch double sink vanities as their smallest size. However, some offer as small as 44 inches. Going any smaller than this can create problems with countertop space, sink bowl space, and general storage space in the double vanity.

How Much Does a Double Vanity Cost? Is a Double Vanity Worth It?

The prices of double vanity bathroom sinks can widely vary. An average price range would be about $600 to $2,000. However, you can find options both below and above this price range. If you are looking to spend around $1,000, you might be surprised to find a wide selection of nice double vanity bathroom sinks.

Does IKEA Have Bathroom Vanities?

IKEA does have a selection of various bathroom vanities, including double sink bathroom vanities. They also have separate options like cabinets, sink bowls, countertops, hardware, and more.

Can You Add a Second Sink in Bathroom Instead of a Double Vanity?

For those who have tricky bathroom layouts, a second sink vanity might be a better option. However, it’s important to remember that there will likely need to be plumbing work done by a professional. Consider electrical work for an outlet, too. Adding a second sink is generally a job for a contractor. Many times spending the little bit extra is well worth it. And many of these jobs will come with warranties and sometimes even ongoing maintenance.

In Conclusion

A double vanity bathroom sink can add major convenience in bathrooms used by multiple people. Size, space, and pricing are all important considerations. The need to hire plumbers or any other professional should be considered into your budget, as well. Best of luck to you in selecting the perfect double sink bathroom vanity for your home.

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