Ralph Lauren’ s New Book

Few names in the world of fashion are as synonymous with classic American style as Ralph Lauren. But beyond the iconic Polo shirts and sophisticated runway collections, Ralph Lauren has carved a niche in the realm of home design and living, offering an intimate glimpse into the aesthetic influences that have shaped his life and work.


The latest release, “Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living – Home, Design, Inspiration,” is more than just a book. It’s an odyssey into the heart of a design legend, offering readers an unparalleled access to the personal spaces, design philosophies, and sources of inspiration that have made Ralph Lauren an enduring symbol of timeless elegance.

Ralph Lauren’s New Book

Unraveling a Tapestry of Inspirations


At its core, the book showcases how Ralph Lauren’s fashion sensibilities extend far beyond the garments he creates. His vision is holistic, encompassing the environments we inhabit, the textures we touch, and the ambiances we experience.


The pages reveal a rich tapestry of influences: from the rustic charm of a Colorado ranch to the aristocratic allure of English estates, from the vast beauty of the American West to the intricate details of old-world craftsmanship. Each image, carefully curated and exquisitely photographed, tells a story of a man deeply in tune with the worlds he creates – both in fashion and in the home.

More Than Just Spaces


One of the book’s salient strengths is its ability to articulate how a space feels. Each chapter delves into the emotions, memories, and inspirations associated with different homes and environments Ralph Lauren has created or been influenced by.

Readers will learn about the thought process behind selecting specific materials, colors, and designs, blending them harmoniously to birth environments that resonate with warmth, comfort, and authenticity. It’s a masterclass in creating spaces that aren’t just visually captivating but emotionally resonant.

The Intersection of Fashion and Living


For Ralph Lauren, there isn’t a clear delineation between fashion and home design. Both are about expressing an identity, telling a story, and creating an environment that feels intrinsically right. This philosophy shines through in the book as readers will observe how themes from his runway collections seamlessly transition into his living spaces.

A Timeless Tome for Design Aficionados

“Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living – Home, Design, Inspiration” is more than a testament to a design icon’s legacy. It’s an invitation to readers to explore their own design sensibilities, to find inspiration in the world around them, and to craft spaces that tell their own unique stories.

Whether you’re a longtime admirer of Ralph Lauren, a budding designer, or simply someone who appreciates the confluence of fashion and living, this book is a timeless addition to any collection. Let it inspire you, as Ralph Lauren has been inspired, to seek beauty, elegance, and authenticity in every corner of your life. Find the book here.

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