Paint Color Of 2017: Shadow 2117-30

Paint Color Of 2017: Shadow 2117-30

As we approach the end of an electric 2016, we leave back the bright neons and shimmering silvers that filled our wardrobes as well as some of the walls in our homes. But we look forward to what’s in store as we draw inspiration from everything around us. The sky, rivers, forests, animals, rocks, and even the simple candle has often been the source for the most magnificent colors. This year, Benjamin Moore has selected the color of 2017. Introducing Shadow 2117-30.

The Creative Director of Benjamin Moore has described Shadow as “Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal” and is matches that immaculately. The color is a perfect blend of enigmatic and allusive which is destined to bring to life any wall, ceiling, or door.

As is every year, the team at Benjamin Moore travel the world to draw inspiration for the selection process. By attending numerous art fairs, exhibitions, and cultural events, they envisioned, individually, what they felt the coming year would bring in terms of color. In fact, cultural influences – domestic and international – played a pivotal role in determining the selected shade.

Some of the most contemporary art and sculptures gave Shadow its unmatchable texture and look. It encourages a nostalgic look at the light on colors and space, which result is a color so rich and invigorating, it enhances any surrounding. The rich undertone adds to Shadow’s mystery on every level.


After collecting the required data, the team compared their ideas and looked for the commonalities between them which enabled each one to portray their own individualism and then bring it all together. As discussed earlier, 2016 was the year for neons and silvers. On the other hand, 2017 will be the year the world could finally accept the earthy, warm, and natural colors, of which Shadow stands out beautifully.


With just over 2 months left for 2017, Benjamin Moore gives us a feeling of anxiousness as well as longing by unveiling Shadow 2117-30 as Color of 2017. So, will you be one of the guaranteed many that will embrace the warmth of Shadow? Or will you mix it up by pairing it with other colors? As compared, Shadow goes brilliantly with colors like Spring Valley, Cotton Tail, and Truffle.

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Where will you be using Shadow next year? Bedroom, living room, or just around the cozy furnace? Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with it. If Shadow doesn’t get you get a new paint job, nothing will.

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