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Oyule Lamp Set by Sergio Silva

Oyule Lamp Set by Sergio Silva

A clever twist of art and design, Brooklyn industrial designer Sergio Silva transforms a modern object into the very thing it was created to replace.

Industrial designer Sergio Silva works in a variety of mediums to showcase his creative work. From aluminum chess sets to wood cinder blocks, Sergio blends industrial themes, modern aesthetics, and classic materials to make his creations must-haves for any home.

With his Oyule lamps, Sergio has transformed an idea into a limited run production. Working with reclaimed light bulbs, Sergio has tried to “send the bulbs back in time”, introducing a modern-day icon as a traditional light source. As the incandescent light bulb gives way to new technology, Sergio has repurposed it as an elegant oil lamp — the Oyule lamps use non-flammable paraffin oil and a wick replaces the filament. Machined parts are used to ensure strength and safety, without betraying the original look of the light bulb. But the true elegance of this piece comes from the way these light bulbs interact with the base. By placing a strong spherical magnet inside the bulb (which responds to a steel component embedded in the acrylic base), Sergio has liberated the lamps from any visual obstruction, allowing the viewer to appreciate the form in all its beauty.

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