Oversnoozing is Over with this Incredible Rug Alarm Clock

Oversnoozing is Over with this Incredible Rug Alarm Clock

The ways men have improvised to help people who struggle when waking up is fascinating. Take the alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of a perfect cup of freshly brewed morning coffee to start your day. Maybe you’re not a coffee enthusiast, and would rather have a hot freshly baked croissant to fill your senses or any other favorite scent like lovely roses or nature’s cut grass. Yes, there’s also an alarm clock for these aromas, even that of money if you really want to be motivated to get yourself going to work.

In today’s modern times, the easiest and cheapest way to get an effective alarm clock is by simply downloading an app, such as a unique program that faces you with a very difficult problem to overcome until you probably freak out. If these things don’t seem inviting enough or sufficient to wake you up, how’d you feel being slapped in the face? Over and over, by an almost violent arm extending from your alarm clock?!

Come to think of it, how annoyed do you honestly get with your alarm clock? Have you ever thought of stepping on it and crushing it underneath your feet? Well, that may just sound too extreme, but manages to awaken you feeling quite delighted! Nothing else compares to the brilliance of the simple yet incredible Ruggie, the most comfortable thing you’ll set foot upon that will finally let you break-free from oversnoozing.

Oversnoozing is Over with this Incredible Rug Alarm Clock 2 Oversnoozing is Over with this Incredible Rug Alarm Clock 3

Keep it next to your bed, across the room, and it really doesn’t matter where for it will surely get you out of bed. It’s not your ordinary rug, of course, with an alarm clock device built within it. But the fact that it talks, motivates you with a few inspiring words, and makes mornings fun to cheer up any sleepyhead? Waking up becomes a lot easier and your brighter mood can go a long way throughout your entire day!

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