Crashed Ferrari into a Coffee Table

Crashed Ferrari into a Coffee Table

Did you crash your red Ferrari? Don’t worry, it can be a beautifull and unique coffee table! Check this Crashed red Ferrari turned into a Coffee Table by Molinelli Design.

That’s hard to imagine for us, normal people, but it seems that the ex-owners aren’t as impressed as we are. Putting parts of the wreck of a crashed Ferrari into a coffee table design like a dead hero placed into a coffin.


Crashed Ferrari into a Coffee Table 2 Crashed red Ferrari

“Participates in numerous interior design and architecture projects, mainly for hotels and residential.

Obstinately refusing a style, standing out from fashion effects and trends, studying each project as an absolutely unique project.

Very attached to the roots, the starting point of our work is the place, its history and its culture. Belonging to this cultural heritage will define the heart of the project.

Impregnated with this context, the study of the project will have as main objective, the creation of a unique place. It is not only a question of restoring this cultural heritage but also of bringing, in continuity or in rupture, a new look to regenerate this spirit and bring these places to life, make them vibrate. It will be the way of living spaces, of moving, the art of “living” it and creating emotions. This is where the ambition of each of their achievements lies.”

Crashed red Ferrari 2

The “Crashed Ferrari Table” is a coffee table containing parts of a wrecked Ferrari.

“To make the table we found a totaled Ferrari and we crushed to fit the dimensions of the table. The table now resides in a private home.”

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