Magic Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park


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Korean designer jinsu park designed a color picker pen that adopts the eyedropper tool of photoshop for real life. The color picker pen enables colors in the environment to be scanned and instantly be in use for drawing. The smart sensor detects the color and matches it to the color display. Then the RGB cartridge that is within the pen, mixes the inks together to create the scanned color. Amazing, isn’t it? Now you can use any color you want for your drawings.

How can a color picker pen help in home decor

You might ask, however, how is this going to help you in home decor? Well, it is a great way to use this tool in your DIY home projects! Imagine having a pen like this that would enable you to capture any color you want. And then use it in your home paintings, or even apply it on home decorative fabrics. 

Magic Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park


Magic Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park 3


components of color tool Via design you trust

With the RGB ink, you will never run out of color ideas. Actually, any color you see in nature, outdoors, in shops and so on can be yours in a few moments. And then use the exact same shade for your drawings.

What are the benefits of this?

Well, first, you won’t have to worry about finding the right color IDs for your home decor. The sensor makes the precise combination to create the equivalent color each and every time. Also, you will have all this different colors and shades in one single tool! Just like that you can carry it whenever you go and use it easily anytime you can. All this without carrying too much stuff with you. Especislly for the art lovers out there, this is so much effort-saving.

All in all, this amazing tool has one of the most powerful features many interior designers would crave for. Make it yours now and see your paintings, DIYs and home decor come to life with the colors of your choice.

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