One Bedroom Apartment: Decorating Ideas

Decorating a 1 bedroom apartment is both fun and intimidating. So, whether you’re a long-term tenant wanting to build your apartment seem like a home or a first-time renter, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ve collected a list of essential design recommendations, ranging from minor tweaks to large overhauls, to guarantee your first apartment appears completely mature, fun, and luxurious.

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1. Approach it Holistically

Most railroad apartments include a central, windowless chamber that links the front and back rooms and draws natural light from them. So, if you want to set up separate zones or more seclusion, consider a design that doesn’t obstruct lighting and flow. You can get frosted glass sliding barn doors because they won’t block as much light as a rear door and aren’t audio-proofed, but they will provide you more privacy.

2. Create Contrast

The simplest method to do this is to use an accent wall. If you can’t paint your apartment’s walls, look for detachable wallpaper that will allow you to change the colors without causing damage. If you don’t want to replace the walls, the next best thing is to use a huge area rug, curtains, or furniture to create a striking contrast.

3. Luxurious Minimalist Style

You want a minimalist design to give the impression that you don’t have a lot of stuff, even if that isn’t the case. As a result, concealed storage is essential. Everything from charging wires to remotes can be stored in ottomans, cupboards, storage baskets, or a lift-top coffee table.

4. Split the Room

Consider installing a rod from wall to wall and then hanging a separating curtain if you don’t want to install sliding doors or it isn’t possible in your flat. In a studio, separating your living and sleeping rooms is the most effective approach to make your temporary residence feel more like home. Room dividers can be as simple as screens, couches, or even a tall bookshelf.

5. Swap out Lighting

Replace your overhead lights with better fixtures and vintage finds particularly the hideous flush-mounts you found in the flat when you moved in. Make sure that the light complements your room and it makes the room appear more neat and natural.

6. Sophisticated Luxury

A smart luxury apartment design doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to amaze guests and give a touch of artistic flair. Using a blend of shiny and matte coatings to create a delicate contrast that goes beyond color is frequently the key. Several pieces of abstract art never harm to give the impression of being at a luxury gallery.


Designing the 1 bedroom apartment of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding images that inspire you can help you get started on your decorating adventure by guiding your design and giving you the push you need. Take components from the design and put them together in your own unique way. That way, you may accomplish the aesthetic you want while also designing a 1 bedroom apartment that is functional.

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