Old Lace Inspired Home Decorating Ideas

What are your thoughts on the comeback of the spring 2013 lace trend? Once seen as old fashioned, it is now used to bring an elegant and sophisticated look to interiors. Check out this collection of old lace inspired contemporary home decorating ideas.

old lace inspired natural  florar lace chair

Natural floral chair by Floral Art. Clear acrylic frame with encased Venetian lace and a silk upholstered seat.


lace inspired black anemone table


Stereo table designed by Mari Relander & Anna-Katriina Tilli for selki-asema.

old lace inspired motheaten lights by brownehsieh

MothΕaten lights by BrownHsieh: The Conversations With Nature Design Trilogy. Biomimicry as

well as its close cousin, bio-inspiration are all part of a continuum of drawing information and inspiration from nature’s designs. ‘Nature as muse’ is a way of viewing and valuing nature, it introduces an era based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but what we can glean from it. MothEaten™ embraces Mother nature as its muse in the creation of unique objects.
lace stenciled window decorating idea

A lace stenciled window. I found this great idea on Design Inspiration.

This photograph is from an issue of Victoria magazine (no longer published) and uses the border stencil over three-quarters of the window as if it were a lace panel pulled partially down.  The border is used both right side up and upside down to fill the desired area. When you have several panes on the window it might be a good idea to experiment with your desired pattern layout onto paper first.  The window was stencilled with white acrylic paint which can be removed with solvents if needed.  Although acrylic paint is not permanent on glass, it is hardy enough to withstand a light wipe as long as you do not use any harsh cleaning materials on it.

contemporary lace wall clock

Contemporary lace wall clock.

lace modern eclectic cake  stand by Imogen LuddyLace inspired modern vintage cake stand by Imogen Luddy.

lace inspired modern black and white rug by Catherine Martin

Lace modern black and white rug by Catherine Martin. Heralding a new chapter in Australian design, two-time Academy Award® winner and globally renowned production and costume designer, Catherine Martin has partnered with Designer Rugs to launch the first installment of her eponymous homewares range.

Through her investigation of Australiana and in celebration of native flora and fauna, children’s patterns and Lace designs, Catherine effortlessly combines unusual and striking elements so they work together in a sophisticated and complementary way.

lace Meshi Decorative Cheese Platter

Meshi Decorative Cheese Platter. Decorative cylindrical cheese platter with a metallic cheese wire and decorated with a raised bird on the lid.



Lace Pattern Silicone Coaster Cup Mat.

Chilewich Dahlia Placemat

Chilewich Dahlia Placemat.

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