How To Mix Old And New In Your Home

contemporary kitchen with antique table and modern chairs

Antique furniture is adored by most people for the exquisite craftsmanship they have been built with and the beauty they have been bestowed upon. Not only that, each piece has a story to tell which have managed to remain alive over time, and will continue to live on forever. The rustic feel of classical times imbued in old things is unsurpassable by any other, that is, until today’s modern designs have elicited a totally unique and fresh new appeal of its own. Contemporary works of art have gone way beyond artistic, with people’s innovation, passion, curiosity, and dauntlessness in experimenting with new things. This allows them to constantly deliver new furnishings and decors that range from simplistic designs to the most ultra-glamorous interior designs.

antique desk with modern ghostohhost chair

Do you find yourself faced with this dilemma? Have you ever heard the phrase, “they don’t make them like they used to?” and felt that something newly made is just not authentic? On the other hand, you probably also tend to be drawn to modern masterpieces and simply enjoy looking at patterns and lovely colors. Then here’s your ultimate solution – learn how to mix old and new! Blend them into one and bring them together with your personal touch to come up with a one-of-a-kind environment that’s incomparable to any home.

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dining room with old and new furniture mixing ad gray wall

old wood furniture turned into kitchen island with white counter top


Mix Old And New In Your Home

The Perfect Mix

Objects from different times have a character of their own, more than what you may think or ever know. This is why some might just be meant to be put in one place. Consider the eclectic interior, one that’s regarded as the most difficult styles which often produces the image of a country home atmosphere with charming vintage pieces. However, it doesn’t always have to be old-fashioned and can be incorporated with objects from different eras and contrasting looks. Neither will you have to throw away anything precious and highly valuable!

Take any room of a house with old wooden floor, matched with an antique chandelier at the center, then an apt minimalist painting hung on the wall and a modern, sleek and stylish bed or dining table in the middle. Isn’t it a fact that unlike poles attract? Mix flat and shiny, plain and intricate, smooth and rough, and then again, old and new. Allow yourself the freedom to manifest the mood you want to create, be spontaneous, combine various elements like furniture, fabric, colors, prints, materials, and place them where it’s pleasing to your eye. As long as the objects are suitable for the spaces they occupy and you feel it’s right and perfect, then there you have your perfect mix of old and new.

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  1. I never get tired of examples of mixing…(and making it work)…please continue to present ideas about this! Thanks! MC

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