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Mix and Match Your Way to a Sleek Neutral Apartment

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This week, we’re taking a look at a unique San Francisco loft that will definitely influence how you think about the power of neutral. If you are that person who loves neatly neutral with vintage appeal, we have got some interior design inspiration you will absolutely love.

This house tour is brought to you by Jeni Wu, a youthful home decor buyer and interior decorator that loves to mix and match. Her love of combining two opposite things (new and vintage, global and mid-century modern, or preppy neutrals and Scandinavian touches) means that the spaces she transforms are always unique, pleasing, and balanced.

Her advice for those interested in choosing furniture that will dodge looking dated in a few years is to go for large pieces that are neutral and timeless. Then you can make your big investment and use other textures, colors, accessories and styles to bring that element of color and texture and style that you’re looking for. When in doubt, you can always utilize acrylic paint as your go-to D.I.Y. material of choice to transform any frame, pot, vase, etc. with the color or colors of your choice!

Step into this San Francisco home and the first thing you notice is a gorgeous wooden credenza! A credenza is a cupboard or table without legs, and this gleaming hardwood credenza makes an impact right off the bat. Pair it with a black wall with colorful framed art, an adjoining gray wall, and a funky lamp with a touch of color hiding on the interior, and you’ve got an intriguing entryway that makes a statement instantly– in a good way!

The living room is a touch more bright and airy, sharing a dining area complete with wooden table and textured cream-cloth chairs. A unique hanging lamp provides lighting, while gray walls and various framed art rounds out the space perfectly. A navy and white tribal rug adds a touch of contrast to all-wooden paneled floors.

In the sitting area, light gray is queen. Neutral walls match a large neutral sofa and neutral chairs. Throw blankets, plants, and little accessories and a large framed painting provide a bit of contrast to a room that is decked out in gray and beige. White curtains you can draw back allow for natural lighting and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

You can also set some plants, books, or a small jarred terrarium on a rich wooden table and fill the room with a white bookcase and vintage colorful chairs that you love to shake things up a bit. Interesting side tables and metal or colorful lamps can really off set what would otherwise be a neutral-dominated room.

Saving the best for last– a bedroom filled with warm wooden tones and refreshing whites and navy among calming gray. Add smooth hardwood furniture for a bit of warmth, gray walls for a bit of cool, an earthy headboard for grounding, and light rugs (pattern optional) and curtains to lighten everything out. A navy and white bedspread adds just the right amount of cute country home appeal.

Throw in a metal-accented bedside table and lamp combo with glass surfaces, some framed artwork, vases, black table lamps and a chair with a patterned pillow– just enough color to breathe life into the room and break up the neutrals.

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