Minimalist 300 Years Old Farmhouse

home interior wespidemeuron4

This old farmhouse, about 300 years old, turned into a minimalist living space full of contrasts by wespi de meuron romeo architetti fas. The main building is half destroyed by fire in 1995. The exterior of the main building is under protection by the local authority. The band consisted of two small accessories tumors in a plan, the first containing the barn and the oven, the second consists of a shed (barn).

The project included the renovation of rural property in a dwelling and modern holiday house, with an adjoining cabin for guests and swimming pool.

Photographs:  h. henz

home interior wespidemeuron

home interior wespidemeuron3

home interior wespidemeuron2


home interior wespidemeuron8


home exterior dining wespidemeuron


home with pool wespidemeuron2


home with pool wespidemeuron

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