Malibu Interior Design Style and The Best Malibu Interior Designers

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If you want to channel natural colors and tranquil vibes, consider transforming your home with Malibu interior design style. Known for bright spaces and beach-inspired tones, Malibu interior design style is a popular style. Learn more about this timeless interior design style and how you can capture it within your home.

What is Malibu Interior Design Style?

Malibu interior design style is inspired by the culture of Malibu, California. Featuring plenty of vibrant white space, Malibu-style homes also include accent colors inspired by the ocean, like deep navy, gorgeous turquoise and seashell pink. Malibu interior design style seamlessly incorporates natural elements into the home, such as indoor houseplants with large, palm-like leaves and imagery with nautical themes.

How Do I Design My Home With Malibu Interior Design Style?

To capture Malibu interior design style in your home, it is important to consider how to best achieve your vision. If you are ready for your home spaces to look like a Malibu vacation home from a magazine, consider getting started with these few tips:

Save inspiration pictures and ideas.

Firstly, Malibu interior design style looks stunning in pictures, and you can customize the classic look to your specific taste. Look for inspiration pictures online, in magazines or from professional interior designer portfolios to bring clarity to your Malibu-stye vision.

Choose the right space.

Secondly, Malibu interior design style is inspired by bright summer scenes and rolling waves. Therefore, this style looks particularly beautiful in spaces with lots of natural light or a waterfront view. So, explore your home and determine how you can use its natural features to your advantage when capturing the style.

Shop for Malibu-inspired design elements.

Further, a simple shopping trip may help you find decor items that speak to your favorite Malibu icons. Look for white furniture, natural or nautical-themed decorations and colorful blue art that can add a pop of Malibu-style to your home.

Enlist professional help.

Moreover, to truly capture the spirit of Malibu in your home, it is a good idea to ask a professional interior designer for assistance. Interior designers are highly skillful and creative, and they can help you bring your dream to life. Hiring a professional is one of the best ways to accomplish your Malibu-inspired home design project to its fullest potential.

Image: Hayne Architects

The Best Malibu Interior Designers

1. Hayne Architects

” Established in 1988, our Malibu based firm offers comprehensive architectural services to cover institutional, commercial, and residential clients. Our staff is energetic, cooperative, diverse and commited to enhancing the importance of sustainable design and development as a basic tenant of our practice.

In all of our projects, we take a non-formulaic approach to exploit the complexity and collaborative nature of the design process to create buildings that are appropriate to a specific site. We strive to make memorable buildings with the input and desires of the client as our primary concern.”



2. Janette Mallory Interiors

Influenced by her father’s construction business and equipped with an interior design degree from UCLA, Janette Mallory integrated her innate sense of taste to create an effortless aesthetic design style embracing that good design is an intersection of architecture, art, psychology and beauty.

To further enhance her design sensibilities, after graduating UCLA, Janette extensively traveled Europe immersing herself in European architecture and art. This intellectual curiosity (an inborn trait) led to a bonding with structural marvels, beloved artifacts and thought-provoking design that became part of her unique style.

“Even when I enter a space that I have to design for a client, I listen to what that space says—the walls, the windows. You can’t change what that space wants to be.” – Lella Vignelli

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3. David Phoenix

David Phoenix is a celebrated and influential palm beach designer known for thoughtful, modern luxury and livability.

With a quintessential American point of view, David Phoenix finds inspiration from a myriad of styles, looking back through history as he creates spaces for today.

His work personifies his own approachable, self-assured manner—gracious and considerate. In juxtaposing modern and traditional elements, his aesthetic conveys an easy, welcoming sensibility, rich with classic haberdashery details and nuance.

David draws from his experience and instinct in the all-important matters of style and function. He believes in living each day to the fullest, delivering personal, sophisticated, and thoughtful environments.

“I believe our sense of well-being is reinforced through the process of making well-appointed choices.”


In conclusion, Malibu interior design style is a great option for those who are inspired by the beach and summertime. Malibu-style homes give an instant sense of elegance, relaxation and sophistication – influenced by the city of Malibu and its beaches.

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