The Best Of Maison & Objet Paris 2016

best of maison and objet paris 2016

The Best Of Maison & Objet Paris 2016

best of maison and objet paris 2016 41. EICHHOLTZ

For the last 20 years, our creations have been travelling around the world. Our small company has been growing with a sense of innovation that is constantly renewed. A perpetual creative movement, a passion for textures and colours, a genuine joy in pleasing, a commitment to the spirit of fashion, an easiness in creating surprise and astonishment, but most importantly a subtle balance of the talents and their wonderful ability to rebound!

Theo Eichholtz, the man behind the brand

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Since the beginning of our journey in 2007, we at Artelore have firmly believed that our objectives can only be reached step by step, alongside an excellent team of workers and a high quality design and end product. All this effort has allowed us to attend the most important fairs in the world in such cities as Paris, Milan, Singapore and Madrid. We hope that our passion for hard work is clear to our customers. We invite you to discover our Artelore Home range in this company catalogue, as well as the new products for winter season 2016.

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3.  BLEU nature

Bleu Nature came of Frank Lefebvre’s unique vision of the raw and natural material that is driftwood. The forgotten material from the waters moulded by time and current has been bewitching him since 1995.

His passion is to breathe new life into driftwood and bring nature to modern interiors. Bleu Nature is now the unrivalled leader in driftwood product and furniture design.

Forms and functions are constantly being reinvented by the Bleu Nature design department. The designers imbue the driftwood and nature inspired designs with their expertise and creativity. With the expert combination of craftsmanship and industrial design, Bleu Nature creates furniture and lighting with powerful emotional draw. The style and high quality finish propel the collections into a luxury universe.

All the driftwood at Bleu Nature is collected from beaches and shores all over the world by hand. The company has established a reclamation affiliate. Almost 150 tons of wood have thus been selectionned and transferred to the Bleu Nature workshops.

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Pet furniture can be comfortable AND beautiful. Lord Lou has successfully combined both.

Lord Lou® sells beautiful, stylish hand-crafted pet furniture and accessories. Our dog and cat beds differ from ‘traditional baskets’ in that they are genuine pieces of miniature furniture of the finest quality, with particular attention to design, so that they look good in the home.

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Savino Corvasce created an entire furniture collection by using recycled cardboard.

Research, development and innovation. These are the main activities in which Corvasce Design is involved. Corvasce follows its customers at 100%, ensuring the best quality, efficiency and regulatory compliance, becoming a partner more than just a vendor, using all the kind of materials with adequate communications systems. We design tailor made solutions for companies that belong to: retail, franchise, exhibition fairs, because each market has its own language and each customer has its own idea of brand positioning.

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6. Merci Louis

Merci Louis, founded by Jean-Christophe Miquel in 2013, explores the archives of the history of France to put together their charming and witty contemporary collections.

The detail of a lace jabot, a piece of a dress that once belonged to a marchioness in the 18th century, a manuscript dated 1762, garlands, a fragment of a chair leg… Anything can provide Jean-Christophe Miquel with a pretext for his new take on a historical object. Since founding Merci Louis in 2013, he has never tired of revisiting France’s historical heritage to find inspiration for his trompe-l’oeil books of secrets, table mats, ceiling and wall lights, lanterns, candle holders, candelabras and stationery. “The brand’s concept consists in juggling with the classic style codes of 17th and 18th century France and using them to create contemporary objects. The kings of France, most of whom were called Louis by the way, are an endless source of inspiration. A few details taken here and there give rise to a motif or an object”, explains this former employee of Lanvin.

The paradox between history and modernity, between classic and contemporary has given birth to an exclusive collection of 180 references that are distributed in 150 outlets. They are produced with the utmost attention to quality and made from the finest materials. “Northern Europeans, especially the Swedish, are particularly partial to our products. We also sell well in England and Italy, as well as Japan, Korea and even as far as Australia”, says the satisfied entrepreneur who makes 60% of his turnover internationally. Museum shops such as at the Centre d’art Caumont in Aix-en-Provence or the Frick Collection in New York, have selected Merci Louis products. Jean-Christophe Miquel loves searching for treasures in flea markets, picking up pieces of bronze or mirrors that he transforms, guided by his sole imagination, into unique pieces he calls ‘Pépites (little gems). Next January, he is going to presentRévolution, a round mirror inspired by a church clock face and burnished using traditional 17th century techniques and Morceaux choisis, a patchwork made up of fragments of oxidised mirrors. Thank you… Louis.

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EBB & FLOW designs and produces lighting, and functional and decorative objects.

Using classic British and Nordic style as a starting point combined with a passion for the basic materials glass, metal and textiles, the result is a style that infuses lighting and glass with a fine airy simplicity and a modern edge and depth of colour.

All our lighting designs are made to bring warmth and joy, translated through colours and shapes they inspire and offer lasting beauty.

EBB & FLOW was founded by Susanne Nielsen, who has over 20 years experience in international trade, marketing and concept development within the textiles and home accessories industry.

Based in London for many years, she returned to Denmark in 2009, bringing with her a passion for interior design and the beauty found in different countries’ culture and craft tradition.

The result was Who Found Otto, forerunner to EBB & FLOW, that specialised in vintage furniture and textiles. The company continues to build on its traditions of combining old with modern, celebrating unique enduring design.

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Founded in 1804, Yozaemon Pottery, ARITA’s largest porcelain workshop, has refined its trademark glazing techniques through relentless testing processes spanning over 200 years. Today, ARITAPORCELAIN LAB is reinventing the ARITA brand, instilling into its traditional glazing technique a sense of modernity and contemporary lifestyle.


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The world of Now’s Home is the result of a quest combining harmony and creativity.

The perfect combination of colours, textures and materials allows us to create original and modern interiors, for clients who share our ideal of life.

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Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment and an ambition to give you more than you can possibly expect. This is what Bloomingville is all about.

Our story began in 2000, when Betina Stampe followed her dream and passion and founded Bloomingville. Today the company has grown into an international cooperation employing more than 70 people and 65 sales representatives and distributors worldwide. Along the way, Betina met her husband Simon who turned out to be the natural choice for CEO. Betina is to this day Creative Director.

From our headquarters in Denmark, we design, develop and sell a wide range of interior styles – always keeping your ever changing home in mind. The outcome is 2 main collections, 5 express collections and 1 Christmas collection annually.

Many things have changed over the years, but our dedicated focus on a wide selection, reasonable prices, quality and a high service level remain the same and ever will.

In 2014 Bloomingville became a part of US-based Regent Holding, which is co-owned by Betina and Simon Stampe. Besides Bloomingville, the group also include the interior brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen Home, Creative COOP and Creative Home which has 80 shops in China.


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There is a certain magic to the story of how our company started. Karin travelled to Egypt 22 years ago to look for interesting items for her new home accessories company, Zenza. She came back not only with a handbag full of samples, but also madly in love with Hussein! Soon business steadily grew – as well as their family. And they still live and work together passionately.

Yasmina, who started working for Zenza a few years ago, developped herself as the best office manager we could dream of. Since 2010 she became co-owner of our company.

Zenza became especially famous with its beautiful lamp collection and garnered the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Nowadays there is great appreciation for the handcraftsmanship that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a “soul” which gives them an extra value and beauty. We often combine ancient techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate but nevertheless modern atmosphere with our collection.

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12. Oznoon

Lightness, finesse, mystery, these sculptures elicit an infinite number of emotions that speak to our imagination and inspire our daily life. OZNOON is also a rare metamorphosis of paper, each model playing with different shapes, folds, creases, shadows and light. Created from wax paper, OZNOON© creations are
eco-design, and reminiscent of natural forms.

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13. MUM DAD & ME

Mom, Dad & Me is above all a family business: Mum (Loanah), Dad (Roman) and Me (Jules, their son).

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14. SOLO

The things we make say a lot about us. We make textiles and homeware. Our design focus is on transformative constructions and designs. We design, manufacture and ship everything from the same building – our creative hub in Athens, Greece.

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Mysterious multi-coloured vessels with melted edges, dented forms, and a hand-applied surface finish. No two containers are the same.



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16. Katriina Nuutinen

“Handcrafted design. Something unusual, valuable and worth caring for”

Katriina’s work is an outstanding example of modern Finnish glass design, inspired by the captivating interplay of glass and light. She specializes in glass and ceramics, but her work is also characterized by explorations with wood, metal, leather and textiles, as well as combining different materials.


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