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Luxury Yet Comfortable Family Apartment

bedroom with gray canopy bed and 3D wallpaper

Luxury Yet Comfortable Family Apartment in Moscow designed by Golden Heads.

We renovated the apartments in a historical Moscow building for a private investor who wanted to increase the value of his property.

GOALS: We were required to create an interior that would be comfortable to live in for family visits to Moscow. In the interior we were asked to take advantage of the complex shape of the space and emphasize the bay window. We were also expected to replace the utility lines, slabs, and many other structures.

SOLUTION: We dismantled and restored the wooden slabs in the building. The utility lines were placed in a coffered ceiling so as not to lower its height. Through the complex geometric ceiling pattern that we created we were able to emphasize the bay window axis and build out the space relative to it. The interior is rich in complex elements: a marble mosaic on the floor, a forged partition, and stucco adorning the bedroom walls. The bathroom had a complex shape that was designed in such a way that the alignment of the wall paintings and marble panels created a “disappearing wall” effect. Custom furniture elements were used in the apartment decor that were created according to our schematics.

Melina Divani

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