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Lovely Pastel Wall Mural Design Ideas

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Anewall creates original wall art decor with the highest of quality standards. Feel the softness…

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The Suede Collection features abstract designs with pastel oranges, pinks and cream colored textures. The lovely Tawny Mural includes vertical and horizontal brush strokes that are sure to brighten up any wall.


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Jolie Floral

In collaboration with Monika Hibbs this stunning watercolor floral mural makes the most stunning statement piece in any room – especially nurseries and for the perfect girly decor!

pastel wallpaper design idea

Honey Bloom Mural

A beautiful handpainted bloom wallpaper design with pinks, white, yellow, blue and golden flowers for your walls.


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Magnolia Mural

These oversized, pastel pink magnolia’s add a touch of femininity to any space in your home.

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