Living In A Glass House

Glass House interior

Living in a home surrounded by the beauty of the world outside is a dream come true, but to wake up everyday in a glass house? Imagine being part of nature as you move about the house and walk across different rooms as if you’ve got a huge live wallpaper on all sides. You can feel the soft breeze and airy atmosphere while relaxing on the couch, prepping for dinner and sharing family meals. Now that’s living your dream and experiencing life at its finest!

Check out this beautiful contemporay house by Maytree Studios.

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Privacy Amid Transparency

The transparency of glass walls brings nature right into the home’s interior. While the view from the outside is enough to grace awe-inspiring beauty to the inside, the various areas of the house each holds a distinguished design with a natural ambiance. Privacy may be a bit of a concern to some, but creative placements of garden trees make up for it whereas it’s quite possible to enjoy seclusion as desired.

A Bright Open Floor Plan

White ceilings from one end to the other towers over the open plan layout. The bright and peaceful environment makes for the ideal live/work space for nature and outdoor lovers, and all people. In the living room is a 3-piece grey sofa set across a white round table on a large cowhide hug, facing a two-storey tall glass entryway and second level window. Sunlight creates an astounding effect as it passes through the crystalline case and reflects on the neutral flooring.

It’s All About Connections

Architectural elements such as the exposed beams and earthy wooden frames that secure the glass in place complement each other. Plain coats of paint are enhanced by the texture and timeless aesthetic of brick walls. The brilliance of black and brown colors contrast each other in a glamorous fashion, as seen in the kitchen, ceiling beams, walls and stairways. Contemporary furnishings and decor connect classic structural aspects to modern trends which blend perfectly to deliver an amazing interior look.

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