Lake Arrowhead Lake House Turned Into A Dream Home

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A lake house paradise designed by Mindy Gayer. Could it really be true that life at the lake is really better? Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if you could just sell your own home and go to create an elegant home by a sparkling lake with calm, tranquil waters?

cute grey kitchen design idea


The Lake Arrowhead: Lake house Remodel project portrays beautiful timeless class with subtle gray interiors and smooth white accents on the cabinets and walls. The whole project was a complete interior lake house remodel that lasted around 18 months. The creative remodeling team infused many innovative ideas throughout the entire house and overall made a cozy lake house nook for the whole family to love. This inviting vacation home serves as a true lake house getaway for the body, mind, and soul.

modern country grey kitchen with small island
modern country grey kitchen with small island with 2 wood tools 4
stylish 2 small kitchen open shelves decor
modern country grey kitchen
modern country small open kitchen living room
cozy modern country small living room with stone fireplace with TV above
living room with lake view
stone fireplace bench
dark blue wood living room bench
contemporary simple design white and wood bathroom design

The elegant and traditional lake house bathrooms are rich and welcoming with quaint cabinets and beautiful handles. With clean lines the bathrooms are a key feature of the lake house.

contemporary simple design white and wood bathroom design 2
modern simple grey white bedroom wallpaper idea
modern simple grey white bedroom wallpaper idea2
white grey and wood vanity bathroom
simple bedroom design idea with hanging bedside lights
simple bedroom design idea with hanging bedside lights2
grey blue kitchenette

The elegant kitchenette of the laidback lake house showcases the current lake house kitchen trend: The classy blue-grey cabinets bring an island-like feel to the interior while wooden back splash by the kitchen sink really brings out the authentic modern lake house look.

washer dryer decor idea
small living room with beige sectional sofa black wall and art gallery
small living room with beige sectional sofa black wall and art gallery 2
fireplace with grey tiles
living room black wall decorating idea
living room black wall decorating idea2
bedroom with dark wall and work hard & be nice to people quote wall decoration
white simple bedroom design idea
blak and white bathroom with black vanity and large round mirror

he eclectic circular mirror in the bathroom is both creative and modern at the same time. The soothing grey, white, and black tiled bathroom tiled flooring is elegant to the eye while the modern white tile walls display a beachy and unique touch to the walls. As you make your way into one of the beautiful bedrooms, you will find a vintage stained wood-tiled back wall and authentic wooden flooring. The bedroom walls are painted a clean white color and the decor is truly classy with an old-fashioned type of feel. The quaint stairs that lead up to the second floor display a vintage black and white star pattern on them that give off a true antique vibe. The artwork throughout the serene lake house is majestic and heavenly, featuring giant fog-covered mountains, beautiful forest trees, and pictures of Lake Arrowhead.

lake view
lake arrowhead


The backyard gives you a breathtaking view of Lake Arrowhead and picturesque views of the beautiful trees. The casual and comfy lake house furniture is sure to please everyone who visits. This welcoming lakehouse has tremendous exterior as well as interior home ideas and inspirational design features. There is so much to enjoy and see in this modern lake house transformation. From contemporary kitchen elegance to vintage bedroom beauty, the clean design and unique features of every room in this Lake Arrowhead lake house is just right for the entire family.

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