Interior That Beams With A Rustic Ambiance

beautiful rustic interior

A home placed in the middle of beautiful greenery with interior décor that beams with a rustic ambiance, is what you will find in this beautifully designed abode by Hammer Smith Atlanta. The exceptional beauty of this home starts with its exterior. Meticulously cut shrubbery surrounds the premises. A stunning iron gate guards the entryway where a wonderland of stunning foliage, outside seating, a veranda, and exception landscaping are all created for the enjoyment and comfort for those who live there or come to visit.

The exterior of this lovely home gives an idea of what you are in for when you look inside. The interior is just as beautifully structured. The feeling is warm, welcoming, and easy going. Simple pieces of furniture like a simple wooden eating table with high-back chairs, wingback chairs for easy comfort, and distressed doors are complemented by a country style themed wallpaper. It is a type of décor that does not immediately catch your eye, but as you look around its uniqueness grows on you. It’s a sneaky type of elegance and sophistication; meaning that its distinctiveness is not instantly obvious, it’s just there as if its only job is to have you adore its simplicity.

The living room is an easy setting with hardwood floors, simple chairs, a high back sofa that’s cushiony, and French paned glass doors that lead to the outside. An accent rug softens the furnishings even more, creating a sensible affect. In fact, the way this home is arranged the exterior is just as important as the interior. It’s a comfy home throughout whether you are sitting on the inside or enjoying nature on the outside.

A lovely staircase is greeted at the top with a well-stocked book shelve. It’s an indication that those who live in this attractive home not only love nature, they are intrigued by knowledge as well!

The bedroom is decked out in luscious neutral tones like ecru, light beige, and white. It’s an easy setting that’s designed for rest, tranquility, and good thoughts. The ambiance is positive due to the room’s muted but vivid design. A bedroom door leading to the outside flora creates a paradise away from the rest of the home.

This handsome home is what relaxing décor is all about. From outside beautification to inside distinctiveness, it’s the type of place where you can be yourself, kick your shoes off, and revel in the calm atmosphere designed for simple living. Though the design is simple, the décor still hold its own. It’s subtle enough to make anyone feel a natural part of the environment, but unique enough where many will enjoy its exquisiteness.

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