How To Decorate A Small Room With Low Ceilings

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Small rooms often have low ceilings, which makes them feel even smaller. This means that the usual tricks of decorating with tall lamps or creating a high bed are not very practical. However, there are several small room ideas for how to decorate a low ceiling that can help you create an inviting space where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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These small room ideas are good for just one room in your house or all of them. Depending on how much time and money you have available to you, you can choose the best options for your home.


1. Paint the ceiling with a light color

If your ceilings are very low, painting them the same color as your walls is visually pleasing. This means that you can have white or cream walls surrounded by an even lighter color for the ceiling. A room with tall windows will look more spacious if you paint it in this way, so consider putting them in the room you want to decorate.


2. Add extra light fixtures

A room with a low ceiling will feel larger if there are plenty of wall lights and lamps, so have as many as you can fit in without making it too crowded. Using warm lighting is preferable because it makes people feel relaxed and invites them to stay. Floor lamps are also practical.


3. Hang some large mirrors on the walls

Mirrors reflect the light, which helps to make small rooms look bigger and brighter. A tall mirror hanging near the entrance of the room is especially good for making an impression on guests who walk into it first thing. You can also hang a few small ones on the walls to make it look like there are more windows than there actually are.


4. Use tall pieces of furniture

There is nothing that makes a room feel smaller than low tables and chairs, so avoid them if you can. A sofa or an armchair with high legs will give the illusion of space in your small living room. If you have a bed, consider putting it under the window if possible so that your view from the bed is as long as possible.


5. Use lighter colors on the walls and floor

Tall furniture looks more impressive in a room with pale colors on the walls and floor. You can use this trick to decorate any room in your house, but it works especially well in a small room with low ceilings.


6. Decorate with pillars and columns

In a small room with low ceilings, the more artificial elements you have on the walls, floor, and ceiling, the better. Soft drapes work as well as chairs for this. However, adding pillar candles or placing groups of them around the room is an equally effective way to create visual height for your space.

Image: Tatiana Home Decor


7. Add a few plants to the room

Indoor plants in a small, enclosed space will help you breathe better and feel more relaxed when you are inside. Some people have also claimed that they look more open if they have plenty of green around them, so consider having a few houseplants dotted around your living room or bedroom.

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All of the tricks for decorating a small room with a low ceiling mentioned here can be mixed and matched to suit your own living space and tastes. For example, painting the ceiling white will give you an airier feel in a small bedroom or living room. Having more lamps and mirrors around will also enhance this effect while having tall pieces of furniture such as a bed by the window will make it look like your room is bigger than it really is. If you follow these small room ideas, you should be able to decorate any small space in your home and make it seem much larger.

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