How To Add Retro To Your Decor in Style

There is always those flock of people who love the glistening, playful, and classical style in their house. Aside from how it alleviates the mood, it also adds a touch of old times. For many, designing retro home decor trends in their own home is a way to bring back the lost precious times they had back then. Whatever the reason for choosing retro, it makes things seem old and expensive.


So, are you someone who wants to add some oldie-but-goodie design to your interior? Rest assured because here are some ways for you to add some refreshing retro style to your home.

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1. Choose the Right Color

The retro vibe isn’t always about putting on an old grand piano. You don’t have to overthink and put too much effort into adding retro home decor ideas. That’s because simply choosing the right colors can do the work for you. You can choose colors that give off a reminiscing vibe of the old times, just like avocado green.

As you may know, it is the most common color related to retro home decor trends. Other colors include mustard yellow, white, black, red, and brown. However, if you are a girly type who wants retro, you might prefer the combination of dark pink and purple.

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2. Have the Right Furniture

Furniture is essential in providing you comfort, coziness and it can even contribute significantly to aestheticism. As you choose the table, you may notice that those retro type of furniture contains a feeling of abstraction. Some examples are the elongated and broad sofas that are hued with every pillow. There are also some bar stools that are in a chromatic theme to give your interior a classic, vintage, and retro feeling. You may also try purchasing ottomans in puzzle-piece and mitt chairs to provide you with a rare retro home decor trends.


3. Add The Right Textures

Textures are also vital when you want to pull off retro home decor ideas in your cozy place. However, how do you figure out if the texture is actually retro or not? It’s actually pretty easy to have a grasp of it. For example, retro textures are the shag carpeting that we used to see in every house back then. You can also add some soft types of vinyl, smoothened plastics to give off relaxing retro features, and crushed velvet. When you focus mainly on improving your home’s retro vibe, you should be fearless in adding textures because the more you add, will look better.

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4. Install the Right Lighting.

You may already know this, but chandeliers always have that old, expensive, and retro feeling. That’s because it was seen in old movies and existing homes. Thus, having the budget for chandeliers could be the best choice to finish the retro polishing in your house.

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On the other hand, if you think you don’t have the money for chandeliers, you can switch to lamps with tasseled shades, squares, and floor lamps. Those will give you the right retro ambiance to pull off the retro home decor ideas.

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