How Do I Choose a Rug For My Living Room?

Wall to wall carpet isn’t as stylish these days, at least not in larger rooms. These days, it is more fashionable to carpet most but not all of your room. If your floor looks good, you want to show some of it.

Your rug has to go well with the walls and furniture in your room to look stylish. A carpet that looks great in one place could look terrible elsewhere. Carpets vary significantly in price and can be expensive, so put some thought into it before you buy one.


How to choose a rug for my living room

If you get a carpet that covers only a small part of the floor, it won’t look stylish at all. Cover most of the floor and only show some of it. Sometimes, leaving less than a foot of the floor showing around the carpet’s edges is the right idea.

Custom carpets do not always cost a fortune. You might be better off with a custom carpet if you are carpeting a large living room.

Most carpets sold in stores are of standard and relatively small sizes. Nine by twelve feet is a standard size, as is eight by ten – you might need a much larger carpet. You could also use more than one carpet.

Color scheme and style

Nothing is more important than getting a carpet that is the right color. It will look great only if it goes well with the colors of everything else in your room. The pattern on your carpet can add artistry to your room as well.

If you have a room that is mostly of a single color, then choosing a rug is easy – the carpet should not go against the color plan. If you have a more colorful room with many different colors, the rug might not be the same color as anything else.

A daring color scheme can look great, but it is more challenging to do right. Please put some thought into it first. It is easier to do a single-color scheme and make it look good.

You do not always need a patterned carpet. Sometimes, a solid color carpet can look better. You might put a solid color carpet in a room with patterned furniture to add contrast.


The highest quality carpets are hand made and cost a fortune. More affordable rugs are made by dying, not weaving. The rug is initially colorless, and then dye is used to create the patterns.

Carpets have an enormous range of price and quality. There is a lot of room between the cheap rugs you want to avoid and those that cost a massive amount of money.

Higher quality carpets are denser than others. Carpets may mention that they have a high density rating. A high density rating means that the carpet is thicker, which makes it more durable.

A good carpet should last for decades; a cheap one won’t last nearly as long. A density rating above 2000 usually means a reasonably well made and durable rug, although this number isn’t everything. Bad carpets do not get their shape back after you walk on them.

Another problem with low-quality carpets is that they shed easily. A cheap carpet will shed fibers, and it will spread the mess all over your house unless you vacuum it often. A bad rug can be worse than no rug at all.

Buy something reasonably high-quality as well as stylish. A rug should be guaranteed to last for a long time – get a rug with a strong warranty.

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