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How To Host the Perfect Bohemian Chic Outdoor Dinner Party

bohemian chic outdoor dinner party decoration

There are many different concepts out there for dinner gatherings but Bohemian is probably one of the most popular. Why? Because it is highly versatile and exciting. Bohemian, or Boho for short, is a theme that is quite free-spirited and offbeat. This means it goes against what is traditional in most dinner parties. The great thing about it is that it can be easily achieved and there are almost no restrictions. But how exactly do you host the perfect bohemian chic outdoor dinner party? Read on for tips and tricks that will definitely make your affair a dinner all your guests will remember.

Image: Veronica Varos, found on My Blue Wedding

bohemian chic outdoor dinner party tent decoration
Boho themes are mostly done outdoors because of how it is about connecting to nature and the earth as a whole. Ideally, you might want to put up a big tent to shelter your dinner table and guests. If this is not possible or available, a few drapes here and there can give the area a more bohemian look.

bohemian chic outdoor dinner party pillows decoration

Also, forget about chairs! Instead, choose a really low table and then add some pillows for seats. It would be better if you could add a bamboo or rattan mat underneath to protect your guests from direct contact to the grass or outdoor flooring. You may also use carpets or thick blankets as a place to sit.

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boho indigo table setting DIY menu card

Nowadays, DIY is the trend anywhere! Gone are the days when anything handmade are considered cheap or low-class. Now, the perfect words to describe it are practical and creative, which is in every sense very bohemian-like. So opt for handmade invites, place cards, napkin holders, and just about anything you think you can make yourself. You may also have some friends help you out. Remember, most guests are eager to get involved in the preparation process.

Image:  Melissa Fuller 


pink tie-dye tablecloth boho table setting
If you want to emphasize the bohemian chic theme without having to tell each of your guests about it, make sure to include the things that are remarkably boho, such as tie-dye. You can apply this on the tablecloth, table napkin, pillows, or anything made of fabric. There are a lot of cold water or sun dyes you can easily grab from a craft store. It does not have to look perfect, it just has to look handmade.

Image:  Paula Bartosiewicz


boho table setting with Christmas lights

Also, incorporate some hanging sparkling beads and Christmas lights around the dinner area. This adds drama and an almost “wanderlust” feel to the surroundings.

boho flower arrangement table decoration

Now don’t forget to add flowers on the table, be it individually on each plate setting or as a floral arrangement in the middle of the table. This makes it a lot more connected to the beauty of nature, doesn’t it?

Image: Tessa Barton

bohemian chic outdoor dinner party decoration 19

During the outdoor dinner party, make sure to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. The bohemian theme is about a laid-back culture so walking about frantically will be definitely against what you are going for.


bohemian chic outdoor dinner party decoration 20
Do you feel free and relaxed yet? You can even be more detailed on your theme if you want to. The possibilities are endless! What do you think of a bohemian chic theme for an outdoor dinner party? I would love to read your opinions and suggestions!

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