Haute Couture Outdoor Chair

Italian design  Haute Couture Outdoor Chair

Nicolette by Ethimo, grew from the idea of creating an aluminium chair with light and delicate lines yet robust enough for everyday use; a chair capable of withstanding the effects of time, designed for outdoors but suitable for a variety of uses; an original, well-made chair.‎ Like an haute couture garment, Nicolette shows a certain sophistication, maintaining a simple character which imparts elegance.‎
Ethimo and Patrick Norguet have created a chair that combines a variety of materials along with different techniques for working the aluminium: the structural parts in aluminium are injection-moulded, then assembled using components in extruded aluminium.‎ The feature that sets Nicolette apart is the upholstery of the back, a true evolution in textiles for exteriors.‎ Working to a specific industrial patent, they have achieved a rigid pleating of the fabric, while retaining intact its water-resistance and toughness, qualities that are fundamental in a product intended for outdoor use.‎ Finally, the back includes a teak element, making the chair even ‘warmer’ and more comfortable.‎
This characteristic of elegant simplicity, combining lightness and practicality with attention to detail and carefully sourced materials, makes the chair ideal for furnishing outdoor spaces as well as for enhancing the living area.‎ The most sophisticated furnishing and relaxation requirements are satisfied in its all-enveloping form.‎ Nicolette is a contemporary take on an unconventional elegance.‎  A multipurpose design that springs from the desire to experiment with fresh combinations of materials.‎

Italian design  Haute Couture Outdoor Chair 2 Italian design  Haute Couture Outdoor Chair 3 Italian design  Haute Couture Outdoor Chair 4 Italian design  Haute Couture Outdoor Chair 5

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