A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home

A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home

Founder of chic resortwear Plunge Collective is a woman who’s full of surprises, from the leap into motherhood that has grown into a family of four kids to leaving her clients in awe when she reached the decision to leave her career at its peak after 15 years. Since then, the need to be organized and aware of her children’s wants and needs has led to constant renovation of Olivia Babarczy’s captivating Spanish mission style home that’s also inspired by Scandinavian and Californian influences.

Plenty of experience in renovating and interior design allowed her to create the ideal place you would call home sweet home. It’s evident how she loves clean lines and simplicity as seen in her monochromic approach in the living areas of the house built way back in the 20s. Originally designed by architect Glynn Gilling, the structure is now filled with a modern and generously light-filled ambiance given the pristine white walls and huge windows draped in flowing white curtains.

Olivia tells how she’s inspired by beach and ocean living and designing the space came naturally. Do you know her ultimate goal for the Plunge woman? It’s for her to feel as glamorous on the beach as she would wherever she goes, quite confident and elegant in her clothing that’s both luxurious to wear and looks great! At the same time, she enjoys breathability and functionality with utmost comfort. Similar to this passionate aim, her home is enveloped in the same elegance and stylish sophistication you can’t help but admire.

Plains are prominent in the living room and throughout the house laden with wooden flooring and matching furniture. The rooms are accentuated by framed wall hangings, textures, prints and patterns. Romantic at heart, she made certain that the children’s bedrooms are places where they can have fun, stimulated by bright colors and dainty wallpapers. It feels calm and light and filled with joy, while giving them a special place they love spending time in. For her son’s room, she found the right balance in a theme of stripes which felt masculine without being overpowering nor dark, but not too baby-boyish either. A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 2 A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 3 A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 4 A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 5 A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 6 A Happy Light-Filled Modern Home 7

It’s fascinating how the spacious abode with towering ceiling holds true to its Spanish heritage with its authenticity kept intact while adapting to a contemporary monochrome pallet. The entire house makes a remarkable first impression of cleanliness and organization, wrapped in happiness in love sprung from the big beautiful family that lives in the home.

Images: Julie Adams for The GRACE Tales

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