Good-Looking Firewood Log Store Ideas

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Whether you’ve got indoor log stores or outdoor log stores, it’s important to make them look great. Yes, firewood log stores are primarily something we have because it’s practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too, right? So, if you want some log store ideas that’ll take them from dud to designer with a few simple tricks, then stick around for today’s post!

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Firewood Log Storage Ideas

Indoor Firewood Log Store Ideas

Indoor Log Store Ideas

It’s probably more important with indoor log stores to get the look of them right. Or else they can look like clutter in your home and distract from all the interior design work you’ve done so far. So, how do you make the most of your indoor log stores?



firewood log stores fairy lights ideas

Indoor log stores fall at the first interior design hurdle. Why? Because they unapologetically stand out from the rest of your room and they look out of place. But to fix this, all you need is lighting. Some soft, warm fairy lights are perfect here. Use a store box and decorate it with fairy lights to turn your indoor log store into a centerpiece in your home. Indoor log stores stand out, so make them a feature and they’ll no longer look out of place.

Fill Up Unused Space


Then again, you might not need a log store in the traditional sense if you have unused spaces in your home. That alcove by the fireplace that currently has an old cabinet you never use? Move it out and move your logs in. By filling up unused space, you give your logs a permanent place, and you can make them a feature of your room again. Work with your log stores, not against them, and you’ll see they work indoors just as well as outdoors.

Use Logs As Rustic Decor

Don’t have any unused space and you’re not a fan of the lighting idea? Don’t worry, you can use logs themselves as decorations. Take all of your logs out of the current log store, clear a shelf, and just put them all there. Now, does it work? We bet it does because rustic looks are always HUGE in interior design, and logs are about as rustic as it gets. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, we say!

Outdoor Firewood Log Store Tricks

stylish outdoor wood log store idea

We’ve covered indoor, but what about outdoor log stores? Surely you can just hide them in the corner of your outdoor space and leave it at that, right? Wrong! See your outdoor space as an extension of your home and make it look good! Here’s everything you need to know to make your outdoor log stores work for you.

Image: REMADE with love

Size Matters

Yes, size really does matter. Too small, and you’re left with logs overflowing, cluttering up the space around the store. Too big, and it’s no longer a feature of your outdoor space, but all there is out there. Think realistically about the amount of outdoor space you have, and the amount of logs you use, then pick the log store that suits you best. You might find that a bigger or smaller store is all you need to make your outdoor log stores work.

Decorate Around Them

Decorating the actual log store might not be necessary just yet. Instead, decorate around them. Think about adding some potted plants next to your store to create a focal point in your garden. Better yet, the extra plants might encourage more wildlife too, which is always a good look in a garden! Even simply leaving out three large logs in a pile and a woodcutter’s axe (if you don’t have little ones or pets running around, of course) might be all you need to make your outdoor log store rustic and stylish.

To Paint Or Not To Paint… THAT Is The Question

And now, the big question when it comes to outdoor log questions – should you paint them? Well, it depends. It depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. For a rustic look, unpainted wood is best. But if you have a color scheme in place outdoors already, then painting it to match is the best way to make it look as though the log store belongs in your garden. The key to success is making your log store fit in with the overall look of the space.

Takeaway Message

Remember this: log stores are inherently in the way. But the key to making them work in design is to work with them, not against them. You’ll never be able to hide log stores in any space – indoors or outdoors – so focus on making them a feature or a focal point, and you’ll soon see they work exactly where they are.

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