Get Into The Spring Season With Easter Decorations

easter decorations 2013

The date for Easter in 2013, the most important catholic religious holiday is March 31. Easter is on it’s way in less than 6 weeks.  So let’s get into the spring season! Use these pretty and easy Easter decorating ideas to dress up your home for the holiday! Easter is a time to let your crafty side shine! Set the scene for some Easter holiday fun with Easter decorations.

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easy easter decorating idea

Easy easter decor by talia audenart.

Bought some tulips from the grocery store and put them in a jar. Filled some cute vases with that fun fake

grass and some store-bought easter eggs. Put it all together with a springy tablecloth and we’re good to go!

easter spring decorations 2013

Filling a rustic watering can with pink tulips, greenery, and pastel blue eggshells is the perfect decoration for spring. Stuff the watering can with floral foam to secure the stems. Add picks to blown-out eggshells to secure them as well. When you’re finished creating the arrangement, wire it to your front door and cover the wire with ribbon.

To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder, available at floral supply stores.

easter door decoration

A tumble of pastel eggs is an Easter craft for kids that makes a cheery welcome at the front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at crafts supply stores) with strips of crepe paper, attaching ends with glue or a small straight pin. Embellish with ribbon secured using small straight pins, leaving a long end for tying. Gather eggs at varying heights and tie ribbons together. Hang from a removable adhesive hook or wreath hanger, and add a ribbon bow to complete the Easter decoration.


easter decorating ideas

Great Easrer decorating ideas by Torie Jayne.

diy easter candles decorations

Surround a pillar candle with white asparagus and tie with a ribbon. Surround with assortment of vases with white flowers to make a beautiful dinner table.

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diy easter wreath with egg decoration

DIY Easter wreath from a picture frame.

Easter Wreath How-To by fruit image

easter decorating cake

Lovely Easter cake! You can easily make an easter cake, just use ribbons in pastel colors and simple cardboard.

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easter party decorations pastel garland

These cheerful decorations multiply quickly, thanks to their simple construction. To bring some festive cheer to your dessert table, march the rabbits across a garland, sit them atop cupcakes, or use them to offer sneak peeks into gift bags.

Garland How-To

handmade easter decorative chocolate eggs recipe

Chocolate eggs are a perfect addition to an Easter basket or tabletop decoration. They also make terrific gifts. To prepare the eggs, you must temper, or heat and cool, the chocolate to a precise temperature. Two methods for tempering chocolate involve simmering water on low heat on a stovetop burner, and by using a microwave.

Follow these instructions to make chocolate eggs.

easter decorations 26 ideas

If you haven’t started the tradition of growing your own Easter grass, it’s time to begin. Not only is it far more environmentally friendly than the plastic scraps you use to fill your children’s baskets, but it’s a great holiday activity to do together. How-to by ecoki

flowers simple easter decorations

So easy, simple and beautiful!

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easter flowers arrangement

Easter flowers arrangement.

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easter decorations 2 ideas

easter decorations 3 ideas

easter decorations 4 ideas

easter decorations 5 ideas

easter decorations 6 ideas

easter decorations 7 ideas

easter decorations 8 ideas

easter decorations 9 ideas

easter decorations 10 ideas

easter decorations 11 ideas

easter decorations 12 ideas

easter decorations 14 ideas

easter decorations 15 ideas

easter decorations 16 ideas

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easter decorations 17 ideas

easter decorations 18 ideas

easter decorations 19 ideas

easter decorations 20 ideas

easter decorations 21 ideas

easter decorations 22 ideas

easter decorations 23 ideas

easter decorations 24 ideas

easter decorations 25 ideas

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chic DIY Easter centerpiece decoration

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece with Easter Eggs and Straw. How-To by craft ideas

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