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Funky Interior Design That Will Leave You Speechless

Funky Interior Design

It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s bizarre! The adjectives to describe Nicola Broughton‘s home could go to infinity. It’s cutting-edge, it’s chic, and yes, it’s individualistic. The interior décor of this stimulating home flows in many directions while remaining true to an individual theme. Dark never looked so bright and clutter never looked so orderly and fashionable. For example, the charcoal accent wall balances well with the pearl hued crown molding which perfectly complements the leafy-green soft textured sofa. This is the theme throughout the residence. It’s here, there, and everywhere and it works! 

Artistry is a crucial feature when it comes to funky interiors. An eye for the unusual is imperative to get the look just right. This home is styled just right for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries. The living room area is filled with attention-grabbing enhancements adorned with accent pillows of various shapes, hues, and textures. The wall art encompasses everything from large letters to knobs. Geometric print floor to ceiling drapes complemented by the most awesome task light designed pendant lamp on the planet is simply groovy!

Funky Interior Design 2

The mantle has an eccentric flair. It’s exquisite, even otherworldly. The bedecked circular mirror, faux blooms, and wood like wallpaper are a sensational combo. Multiple curios take the entire concept to another level. It’s a genuine piece of visual art. You can’t miss the sea-green chandelier similar in design to a deep sea relic in the dining area. Hints of authentic art adorn the dark hued wall while an additional wall has popping wallpaper full of vivid colors and abstract designs. There’s plenty going on with 60s style fabrics, faux fur, natural wood, and extravagant accent pieces.

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Talking about a grand entrance! This entrance isn’t grand in the usual way. It grand because it’s so, well, laissez-faire, with a deep esthetic appeal. The wallpaper has a retro feel in a mustard yellow and grayish-cream linear print. The use of various materials, a collage of wall art, and geometric designed tiles with an Italian flair, create an eccentric foyer worth stopping to take a selfie in! It’s certainly a décor worth mentioning to the people you know. Just be sure to use tons of descriptive words.

You will be in suspense as you walk up the stairs in awe in anticipation of the next interior scheme to materialize. This type of interior design is unpredictable, yet affable like the bedroom with the bohemian vibe. The wallpaper is extraordinaire and functions as a perfect contrast to the elegant crystal chandelier. It’s fantastically elegant. The bathroom is similar to an aquarium with an amphibious allure. It’s fun, bewitching, and unlike any you will probably come across in your life time.

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Nicola Broughton – Otley, Leeds

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Nicola Broughton – Otley, Leeds

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The entire home is filled with amazing furnishings and ornamentation. Everything from the kids room to the retro styled home office is amazing. It’s an awe-inspiring place that’s fun to behold and certainly just as much fun to live in!

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