Farmhouse Must Have: Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

In general, cabinets are essential in every home to store our belongings. Moreover, it contributes to organization and cleanliness inside the house. Good thing design enthusiasts found a way for cabinets to look stylish. Today, let’s talk about your cabinets and why chicken wire may be the finest solution for your home’s cabinetry.

What are Chicken Wire Cabinets

Chicken wire cabinet doors are a popular design for many households. As the name implies, it is made from chicken wire and is installed through drills and staples. Initially, many people found chicken wire cabinets strange and uncommon, but it eventually became a convenient design. Aside from the fact that anyone can do it, it is also effortless to style.

Image: Lisa Staton

Kate and Laurel Hutchins Decorative Wooden Wall Cabinet with Chicken Wire, $138.70

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Countertop Shelving Cabinet Decor Organizer with Pull Down Door

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Countertop Shelving Cabinet Decor Organizer with Pull Down Door, $79.95

What Makes Chicken Wire Cabinets a Convenient Design?

If you’re still wondering why this design got so popular, here are some reasons:

1. It is Well Ventilated

Since the design of the chicken door originally was for hens to have a breathable cage, you may notice its pentagonal layout and patterns. Meaning, the ventilation is evenly distributed – imagine when it is installed in the cabinet. You may wonder why you need ventilation in your cabinet.

A well-ventilated cabinet actually helps to prevent stocked odors, pollutants, and smokes – making it ideal for kitchen cabinets. But aside from that, chicken wire cabinets can also help store toxic materials like chemicals.

As you may know, toxic materials must have ventilated storage so that the toxic vapor will not be put under pressure.

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2. It is Easy to Style

One way or another, style always matters in the household’s interior. But no worries, because chicken wire doors don’t look bad. In fact, there are many ways that you can add a complementary touch to it. Here are some examples:

  • Paint it. Paints come hand in hand when styling anything, so do chicken wires. Make sure to choose a color that will blend well with your interior.
  • Add Vines. You can find vines almost in every stationery store nowadays. You can purchase some vines to style up your chicken wire cabinet if you happen to be near one. Talk about nature!
  • Add Shine. If you want to make the cabinet look expensive, of course shining is the key! You can buy some shining spray or paints to do this. It adds a refreshing vibe to your house.

Where is the Best Spot for Chicken Wire Cabinets

Yes. You may find finding the right spot for chicken wire cabinets is challenging. But no worries because we have the best idea for you.

  • In the BathroomShampoos, conditioners, and soaps all need well-ventilated and water-friendly storage. Let me tell you, chicken wire is the best for that!
  • In your KitchenAs stated earlier, chicken doors can help lessen the smoke, pollutants, and odors that can get stuck in the stove. So if you’re having this issue at home, consider a switch of style!
  • In Your Living RoomDepending on your house interior, you can see a good fitting for chicken wire cabinet doors in this space. We want to store some stuff, but we want to see through at the same time. Books, candles, shoes, bags, and more are great examples of that.

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