Experience Peace of Mind: Find Misplaced Items With Tile

Whether it’s your keys, wallet, or the remote control, finding misplaced items can be a frustrating task. Enter Tile, the ingenious tracker that makes anything findable. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this invaluable tool.

Explore the Tile Collection

Tile: The Ultimate Tracking Solution

Tile’s range of trackers offers a solution for every misplaced item problem. From the robust Tile Pro, the compact Tile Mate and Tile Slim to the small and versatile Tile Sticker – there’s a Tile for every item.

How Tile Works

Tile’s operation is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Attach


Attach the Tile tracker to anything you want to keep tabs on – keys, bags, wallets, or even pet collars.

Step 2: Connect


Next, download the free Tile app on your Apple® or Android™ device. Connect the Tile tracker to your device with just a tap.

Step 3: Find


Using the app, you can locate your belongings. If the item is within your device’s range, it will ring. If it’s out of range, you can see its last known location on the app.

Tile’s Achievement

In the past year, Tile helped users find:

  • 1.45 million sets of keys
  • 817,000 wallets
  • 55,000 pieces of luggage
  • 18 pet turtles

Tile: Trusted by Millions

With more than 20 million users worldwide, Tile has earned a reputation for being a reliable tracking solution.

“I always misplace my phone, wallet, and keys, but thanks to Tile, I can find them all in a jiffy!” – Tiffany

“Because of Tile, we were able to locate our lost luggage in Europe and bring it home.” – James

“We have Tiles on all our pets. It gives us peace of mind knowing we can track them easily.” – Suzanne

Tile’s Product Range

Tile offers a range of products to make anything findable. Why worry about lost items when you can make anything findable with Tile? Find the perfect Tile tracker for your needs here.

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