Elegant New York Townhouse Interior Design

Indulging in elegance and luxury in the very spaces of your home is a dream. Fortunately, you can make it a reality. Interior decorations are important aspects of one’s living. Whether you live in a big house or a small house, you can always decorate and design your home to the utmost elegant or opulent styles!

Elegant design ideas are versatile, as it is to flourish your interiors with the best-matching pieces that suit your design concepts and themes. Designing a big space is exciting while designing a small space is challenging. Both should involve character and charisma to satisfy not only the eyes but also the mood of the users through its visual and ergonomic effects. Interior design is a deep and complex art as it is connected to human commodity needs – shelter.


Creativity in achieving elegant townhouse design ideas is a great must! With the application of the psychology of colors, selecting the best furniture, and practical space layout and planning, you can possibly achieve alluring and comfortable interiors to occupy.


These are general elegant townhouse design techniques and strategies that are guaranteed effective to change every home interior:

  1. Pick a wall to emphasize, make sure the wall design would make the room or area bigger, longer, or taller through the articulation of its painting, wallpapers, or claddings.
  2. You could change the flooring material, but make sure it will make the room spacious, cozy, and tidy because flooring is the base of everything!
  3. Choose furniture pieces and fixtures that would perfectly match the colors and textures of your applied materials to every architectural element (walls, ceiling, flooring, etc.)
  4. Select the smaller decorative items (vases, washable rugs, carpets, lamps, frames, etc.) that do not contrast to the focal point of every room to avoid visual clutters or unorganized-looking space.
  5. Always see to it that there is harmony and unity to the overall design composition of the house interior.

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One ravishing example of a dazzling and elegant townhouse design idea is Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin’s theatrically-themed New York townhouse. The townhouse interior design used bold-colored, and detail-printed wallpapers and paired them with patterned white moldings, baseboards, and cornices to look dramatically and classically theatrical.

You could see a staircase in the foyer that is decorated with burgundy carpet and a light brown printed wallpaper which makes the whole area a lavish Renaissance-style theater entrance. The living room, on the other hand, is more decorated with a cozy green victorian appeal through the velvet sofas and green printed wallpapers, paired with a modern chandelier and centerpiece.

Every interior space of the couple’s home is well-arranged with a perfectly appealing combination of sleek and minimalistic furniture pieces and monochromatic wall frames, and pairing it with lushly embellished chandeliers. The interior designer chose furniture pieces and decorative items that are simple and minimalist to complement the neoclassical approach of the architectural applications.

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