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Eclectic House Full Of Collections


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An Eclectic House Full Of Collections. In 2005, when Mr. Wong bought the place from William Sofield, architect of the Gucci stores, its barrel-vaulted brick ceiling was covered in plaster. The two men share a personal trainer, Rob Morea, who is also, conveniently, a real estate broker. The apartment had been, variously, a sweat shop, a Yiddish theater and a porn theater. Mr. Sofield had given it his own particular stamp, with silk wallpaper and silver paint. In 2000, Nan Goldin photographed the loft for Elle Décor.

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The actor B.D. Wong collects chiming clocks, vintage grease cans and old sewing drawers, among other things. David Masenheimer and Romain Frugé, actors/carpenters, designed this shelving unit for him, and built it from repurposed wood and Mr. Wong’s collection of sewing drawers and old yardsticks.

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Mr. Wong’s collection of chiming clocks recently migrated from the floor to the stairwell, the colors of which were chosen by Eve Ashcraft, a paint consultant.

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This bed belonged to Mr. Wong’s grandmother.

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Via NY Times

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