A Dream Home Designed From Natural Hues

Dream Home Designed From Natural Hues

Neutral shades make ideal backdrops for any interior design project. In fact, one of the latest trends going into 2018 are all neutral interiors. Not even a splash of bright or intense hues are part of the ambiance. Just neutrals complemented by diverse textures and eclectic furnishings and accents. Actually, organic themes can provide a broad range of choice for fabrics and textures. What’s more, natural themes are easy to accommodate when you want to change the decor. This dream house by Curly studio, is an example of interior design based on neutral hues and a modernized theme. If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your home with relaxing neutral tones, this stylish interior is sure to inspire. 

This home’s uninterrupted color scheme is highlighted with up-to-the-minute furnishings. The kitchen cabinets have a Eurostyle appeal with hidden handles and storage space. The dining table, chairs, and floor are all constructed from the identical light birch wood. The open layout brings the mono look together while it leaves the flow of the design uninterrupted.

Another feature that makes this home special is the high sloped cathedral ceiling. Stark white and dramatic, cathedral ceilings originated from cathedrals or basilicas centuries ago. The architectural inclusion of this type of ceiling in homes, gives spaces a light, airy feeling. In addition, they bring more light into a room. The slanted ceiling windows complements the space providing a modernistic appeal. The effect is broad and roomy. Grayish hued furnishings continue the neutral toned theme. The plushness adds warmth and homelines. It’s inviting and comfortable.

This flat is actually a studio loft apartment. The main area is downstairs while the staircase leads to a small beautifully fashioned bedroom. The furnishings and colorings of the space are identical to the downstairs décor. The addition of the balcony off the bedroom is like an additional room. A workspace adds a unique touch to the sleeping space.

The bathroom area is a comfortably proportioned. It exudes a spa like appeal with a refreshing ambiance. Also decked out in neutral shades, the glistening tiled wall and recessed lighting add subtle illumination. It’s a minimalistic concept with built-in storage, minimal fixtures, and other accessories. The herringbone muted designed floor is extremely artistic and harmonizes flawlessly with the rest of the bathroom arrangement.

Neutral backgrounds create a welcoming ambiance when combined with warm textures like wood, linens and cottons, nubby accent rugs and pillows, and glistening tiles. These diverse textures are key to creating a warm environment in minimalistic spaces. Merged with impressive lighting ideas, wood, with adequate space, creates a home that is unique and welcoming. This home presents all of these advantages and more!

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