Creative Original and Colorful House

Creative Original and Colorful House

This beautiful home represents just that “a home.” It’s cozy, comfortable, soft, and cosseted, it’s for living in! Cozy homes with textured walls, playful prints, mixed hues, and well-defined space, give the appearance of fun. Though traditional in design, the rooms in this lovely dwelling take you through several dimensions of superb décor and easy living.

Welcoming living spaces with neutral colored drapes, rich colored sofa and accent chairs, all on the backdrop of neutral shades makes this dwelling totally unpretentious. It is what it is! The layout is confidently structured. It seems as if things were put together inadvertently, as though each object had to find its place. But it works!

What adds to the conformability factor is the softness of the furnishings. Soft velvety fabrics adorn the whole area from the living room, dining room, to the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen gives off a rustic, country type feel. It’s a place where food is actually cooked, and people sit down to enjoy a good meal.

Standard wooden chairs with cushioned seats, wooden floor, and glass paned cabinets, hidden storage spaces and charming knickknacks, together with beautiful foliage in the kitchen, reveal only a touch of solidity with stainless steel appliances. A deliciously cooked meal is a regular occurrence in this well outfitted kitchen.

Medallion side chairs in the dining area soften the rectangle wooden table, while suspended lighting makes it easy to create an intimate ambiance when desired. Natural light adds to the illumination and adds an innocent radiance throughout the space. Wainscoting on the walls with contrasting panels creates a traditional feel. It’s a mildly modern décor with strong traditional touches.

The feeling of comfort naturally floats from room to room. Each bedroom has its own character but all are similar in color, texture, and layout. Bedside tables with night lamps, layers of natural fibered bed coverings, and an accent rug with a short-shag pile, the sleeping area makes you want to kick off your shoes and relax near the window, or take an afternoon nap.

The theme throughout the home is so well integrated that even the bathroom is an inviting room all to itself. One could easily spend hours relaxing in a long warm bath reading a novel. It’s one of those areas in the home to go to when it’s time for some “me time.” It’s decked out in dark wood and marble, but appears more like a dresser than a bathroom sink. It’s quite a distinctive combination.

There is a French provincial flavor throughout the home. The flowered wallpaper highlights the femininity of the décor. The genesis of the entire décor is a smooth, opulent, and tranquil. It all boils down to style and good taste, and this home has it in abundance! Creative Original and Colorful House 2 Creative Original and Colorful House 3 Creative Original and Colorful House 4 Creative Original and Colorful House 5 Creative Original and Colorful House 6 Creative Original and Colorful House 7 Creative Original and Colorful House 8 Creative Original and Colorful House 9 Creative Original and Colorful House 10 Creative Original and Colorful House 11 Creative Original12 and Colorful House Creative Original and Colorful House 13 Creative Original and Colorful House 14Images: El Mueble


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  1. Love those floors. I like cohesive floors throughout a space. Is that painted wood? It almost looks like that commercial porcelain tile that looks like wood that I see all the time on HGTV.

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