Coastal Modern Homes That Combine Modern Trends and Traditional Elements

Coastal modern homes are usually very cozy and unobtrusive, which is why they are increasingly dominant in the interior design world. This interior design blends traditional design elements with modern aesthetics and is increasingly popular.

The coastal contemporary home design comprises of bright colors and natural materials combined with traditional elements. This style of the interior creates a relaxing, cheerful, and airy atmosphere for anyone who wants decorating ideas that help them feel as if they were on the coast. Check these amazing contemporary coastal homes by Leah Muller.

Photos of Coastal Modern Homes

coastal modern home interior with blue and white shades
exposed beams in home decor with blue pillows and white sofas

Modern coastal home colors are white and beige, as well as shades of blue and turquoise. These colors are the perfect combination for an elegant and simple coastal-style home. What is necessary for contemporary coastal home design are details such as special design rugs, pillows, or blankets.

arched windows and pastel hues for coastal modern homes

Coastal modern homes that follow modern trends and contain traditional elements are a real hit this year. This interior style complements the furniture in blue and white that can be optionally provided in stripes. The furniture can also be in neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray in combination with blue cushions, which is an ideal coastal design.

If you are not a fan of stripes, however, it is enough to add some decoration to the room as an association of sea and coast in blue or beige. It can be a vase for candles in blue and white or a painting on the wall. Sometimes small details are enough to get a coastal contemporary home design because it doesn’t require much complexity. Also, coastal furniture is ideal for the living room if you want the perfect beach effect in your home.

white windows and curtains and light blue striped armchairs and a white sofa
white kitchen with white cabinetry
white bedroom with double bed
white bedroom with patterned wall and striped curtains
white coastal modern home
coastal modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry
white coastal living room
white living room with big windows
dining room with a big window for a coastal modern home
coastal modern home bedroom
coastal modern kitchen with yellow stools
white sofa with colorful pillows
round bathroom mirror for coastal modern home
white bedroom with pink details
living room with a big sea picture on the wall
white and light blue bathroom vanity for coastal modern decor
white kitchen with island
white sofas and pillows in different colors
white and light blue decor with mirror
light blue armchairs and blue and white pillows and curtains
light teal bedroom with double bed
white walls and light blue sofas
white bed and teal bedside table as coastal modern interior
white armchairs and a woman placign a book on her home shelf
white coastal home interior with big TV
white and light blue living room with open shelves
brown and white kitchen
petterned tiles in the kitchen as part of coastal modern home
coastal modern home with exposed beams and big sofas
coastal decor with white brown and light blue hues
light blue and yellow elements in bedroom
white kitchen with black pendant light plans

More tips and ideas on coastal style

The furniture in the bedroom can be in white and brown and at the same time it may contain small details in blue. Exaggeration in these colors is not ideal as it can easily become overkill. You can implement coastal design very easily with wicker furniture. You can cover the wicker chairs with a blue blanket and combine them with the wicker table. The coastal contemporary home design incorporates elements inspired by the sea and the coast. Placing wooden bowls with shells or vases with coastal plants will complement each home’s coastal design. Fill your coastal home with ceramic pots of fresh lavender on the shelves.

Coastal modern homes belong to the minimalist style, without exaggeration and highlight. Today it is fashionable to have a home decorated in a style that is simple and comfortable without the dull colors. At the same time, modern coastal cuisine is functional for modern people but also practical with traditional elements.

Coastal-style kitchens feature wooden furniture with simple, light lines that create a warm atmosphere. Wall shelves and kitchen cabinets can be in white with gray shades, and this is the perfect combination for coastal design. Additionally the kitchen in this style is of natural materials such as rattan or oak which are perfect for this case. In the middle of the kitchen is a spacious white kitchen island with chairs in blue colors.

Much of the coastal design effect is obtained by the color of the walls. Indeed, the walls must be light in color. This is so that the room reflects the light so that the coastal details come to light. The wooden beams in the living room will make the effect of coastal design. Coastal contemporary home design is complemented by the color of the carpet. The carpet should be in neutral colors like beige, brown, and white. Carpet in a beige color will bring color and texture to your interior and complement the coastal style.

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