Contemporary Style Sectional Wooden Wardrobe

A sectional wooden wardrobe is a feature that many interior designers ship. Without doubt it is very helpful when it comes to organizing your room. Or any other part of the house you use it in. They come to different sizes so that you find the one that best fits your space’s needs. Its color is also a crucial part as you want it to be harmonical with the rest of the room. Below, we have gathered for you some ideas to get inspired! See more details and let your imagination unravel! You can check out more walk in closets in our blog, to get even more inspiration for the home of your dreams. But for now let’s dive right in!

An example of sectional wooden wardrobe

Caccaro has always stood out in the design-furniture market for its highly innovative character, and today proposes a new conception of modern living, which focuses on the individual, with his/her tastes and peculiarities.‎
Free to.‎ .‎ .‎ .‎
– Live the home to the full, in a functional and unlimited way;
– Look at the walls of the home in a new way;
– Reinterpret the concept of “storage” to overcome the old idea of “wardrobe”;
– Write your own story, interpreting all the home environments according to individual tastes and requirements;
– Mix styles, materials and colours to create unique environments, made like a tailored suit (with no additional costs);
– Be the real protagonists of trends and not just followers.‎
Freedhome by Caccaro allows all this.‎

A revolutionary storage concept makes it possible to completely re-interpret home environments. Indeed, a wall is no longer just a simple flat surface which supports the structure of the house. On the contrary, it becomes a white canvas, a vertical space to be personalised by exploiting, according to individual needs, the unexpressed potential of its storage space.‎

Freedhome completely overcomes traditional furnishing schemes, based on the concept of separate and distinct environments. Its modules, thanks to innovative functional elements and complete dimensional adaptability, make Freedhome totally flexible. It makes furnishing all home interiors, from kitchen to bedroom, living area and service areas possible.

New “Made in Caccaro” total living collection blends with a clean and rigorous design, in which the integrated lighting also becomes the protagonist, transforming domestic space into pure emotion.‎
Freedhome also respects for the environment.‎ Eco-sustainability and attention to health have always been part of Caccaro’s DNA. All products are finished with special water-based paints for domestic environments in which well-being is a crucial component.‎

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